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Rigg Family Ancestry: photos and genealogy.

I was born in Kent, England and my paternal family have a strong London England connection right back to the 1700s. I believe the family moved to London from the north of England though I have no idea whence or when they came.
The Murgatroyd family has strong connections with Yorkshire going back centuries.
I have discovered connections within the extended family to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA. Unless otherwise stated, ancestors documented in the family tree are from the UK.
We have researched our family tree back 6 generations or so, and represented a picture summary for each of my four grandparents:
Rigg, Thompson, Murgatroyd, and Dewhirst.

Almost all of my g.g.g.grandparents have been identified:

The following quicklinks to others in the tree may be useful:
Margaret Eleanor Allcock-Thompson Allcock
Harriot Barber-Thompson Barber
Charles Byford Byford - died in Australia in 1890
William Byford Byford - the Watchmaker and Freeman of City of London in 1815
Esther Causton-Green Causton
Thomas Cramp Cramp
Sarah Dewing Dewing
Bridget Driscoll-Rigg Driscoll
Ellen Edermaniger Edermaniger
Annie Ross-Gevaux-Thompson/ Ross-Gevaux
Ellen Edermaniger-Goodyear Edermaniger-Goodyear
Margaret Jane Thompson-Green Green
Mary Jane Haley-Murgatroyd Haley - maternal great grandmother
Florence Alice Hamshaw Hamshaw
Harper Harper family
Eliza Rigg-Holland Holland
Ann Deighton Murgatroyd-Hood Hood
Alice Mary Murgatroyd-Hudson Hudson
Mary Ann Rigg-Humphreys Humphreys
Henrietta Metcalfe-Rigg Metcalf - my paternal great grandmother
Emma Jane Ogden-Dewhirst Ogden
Jack Phillips Phillips
Powell Powell family
Kate Shannon-Easterbrook Shannon
William Stevens Stevens
Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe Thorpe
Florence Henrietta Rigg-Upton Upton
Wainwright Wainwright family
Charles Whitewood Whitewood - maternal uncle
Emma Annie Cramp-Williams Cramp-Williams
Emily Parker Murgatroyd-Woffenden Woffenden
Amelia Wright-Rigg Amelia Wright-Rigg

My in-laws ( Easterbrook and Ramsey) are partly researched. A distant cousin has helped flesh out details of the Driscoll link with the Rigg family - see Bridget Driscoll-Rigg (1898-??).
Feedback from any of the branches of the expanded family tree would be much appreciated as there are gaps in my knowledge.
Identified ancestor photos appear with the information I have researched of their lives (occupation, parents, children).
I have the original photo album started by my grandfather's aunt Harriet Rigg (1863-1941) in 1884 contents of which is viewable (in page by page format) at HarrietRigg_photoalbum
The album of my great-grandmother Henrietta Metcalfe (1865-1947) has also been partly scanned and is viewable at Henrietta Metcalfe photoalbum
There is an unidentified family connection with Melbourne, Australia. Many photos from these albums are yet to be identified.
If you have researched your family tree, can identify some of these un-named ancestors - especially the Melbourne connection, or would like to compare notes and perhaps find some long lost relatives in the United Kingdom, please get in touch with Malcolm (see email addresses at foot of this page) some of whose panoramic picturescan be found here.

Excel files of all BMD records for Rigg and Murgatroyd are being extended as far as this data is available and possibly including pre 1837 data at a later stage. Currently the following exist as password protected zipfiles - email me for the passwords:
Rigg deaths as of February 2008 with about 7500 entries complete up to 1983 and including 1984-2005.
Rigg births as of March 31st 2006 with 4389 entries up to 1900 inclusive.
Rigg marriages as of 13 August 2006 almost 2200 entries up to 1900.
Murgatroyd deaths 2000 entries 1837-1882 - started in 2008
Murgatroyd births - started in 2008
Murgatroyd marriages - started in 2008
No guarantee is possible for the transcription accuracy, or liability for inadvertent error in my transcription or in the original transcribed source as for example "e" and "c" in a poor quality page or image are easily confused; likewise some "1" and "4", "8" and "3". Also the index itself contains transcription errors of spelling and some entries are impossible to read except by close scrutiny and interpretation of the original entry. Please report any errors you notice. Where known, additional information appears in the marriage spreadsheet viz marriage partners forname and surname, and in the birth spreadsheet the mother's name is added if known. Specific entries known to be in my ancestral tree are highlighted. If you can add/correct any information to these spreadsheets please contact me.


of John Rigg


The trees are now separated into individual ancestor trees for each of my grandparents (Rigg, Thompson, Murgatroyd, Dewhirst). These trees are growing as new information and/or photographs are found. Click on the tree you wish to view.

Rigg_ancestors with photos Thompson_ancestors with photos Murgatroyd_ancestors with photos Dewhirst_ancestors with photos
Ancestors of Alfred1889John Ancestors of Harriet1883Thompson Ancestors of Arthur1871HaleyMurgatroyd Ancestors of Alice1873Dewhirst
Pedigree of Alfred1889John Pedigree of Harriet1883Thompson Pedigree of Arthur1871HaleyMurgatroyd Pedigree of Alice1873Dewhirst

The following section is of some unidentified photos.


Aunt Martha

Uncle Tom

unknown lady

Florrie Hopkinson

whose wedding