Charles Byford (c1834-1890)

Charles Byford (c1834-??) had a connection with the Phillips family which has yet to be discovered.

The death of Charles Byford is recorded with considerable detail. The "In Memoriam" to Charles Byford has a dedication from his unnamed wife and was printed in Melbourne Australia. Charles Byford died near Melbourne Australia aged 56 on 29th September 1890. He had been a Civil Servant in Victoria Australia and there for 38 years originating from London. He must have left London circa 1852 aged 18. The death record is difficult to read but appears to show that he married Susan McEnaney (I'm guessing the surname) in Australia with children (their age at his death in 1890 is given):
Mary Byford(c1857-??) age 33,
Charles Robert Byford(c1858-??) age 32,
Susan Byford(c1859-??) age 31,
William Byford(c1861-??) age 29,
Thomas Byford dead,
Isabella Margaret Byford(c1866-??) age 24,
?cant read name? Byford(c1869-??) age 21,
Eleanor Harriet Byford(c1873-??) age 17,
Alice Maud Byford(c1876-??) age 14. I am now wondering whether the Maud I seek is the youngest daughter in the above list?

My great-aunt Harriet Rigg had a photo album containing a photo of Maud Byford (aged about 30) dated 1904 which is dedicated to her aunt. The text on the reverse suggests that Maud Byford was living in London. We are sure that the "aunt-niece" relationship is not on the Rigg family side and have not yet found a Byford connection via Jack Phillips' mother. The most likely solution is that "aunt" was a courtesy title. We are not sure of Maud Byford's parent's identities,or even whether she was a Byford by birth or marriage. Her father might be Charles Byford who died in Australia in 1890.

Charles Byford's father was William Byford a Jeweller. This information is given on the Australian death record