Thomas Cramp (1806-??)

Thomas Cramp (1806-??) was born
He married Mary Shorter(c1811-??)

They had children including:

In the 1841 census[HO107/471 Folio: 25, Page: 3] at Chart & Longbridge, Ashford Kent there resided:

In the 1851 census[HO107/1621 Folio: 401, Page: 40] at Gravel Walk Ashford kent there resided:

In the 1861 census[RG9/512 Folio: 123, Page: 20] there resided:

In the 1871 census[RG10/959 Folio: 16, Page: 23] at 9 Forge Lane Ashford Kent there resided:

Henry Cramp(1853-??) married Emma Thurgood(1856-??) in 1880 [1880Q4 Woolwich Vol: 1d, Page: 1575]. Her parents were ??? and Ann ??-Thurgood(c1821-c1895).

In the 1881 census[RG11/755 Folio: 45, Page: 10] at 24 Orchard Rd Plumstead there resided:

In the 1891 census[RG12/535 Folio: 56, Page: 14] at 59 Burrage Rd Plumstead there resided:

In the 1901 census[RG13/698 Folio: 134, Page: 6] at 16 Oak Road Crayford, Dartford Kent there resided:

In the 1911 census[RG14PN3739 RG78PN141 RD43 SD1 ED19 SN211] at 16 Oak Road Slade Green Near Erith Kent there resided:

Thomas Cramp's parents were (possibly) Samuel Cramp (1780-??) and Elizabeth Handcock(c1782-??).
Mary Shorter's parents were ???.