Jane (Cissie) Dewhirst-Greenwood (1875-1971)

Jane Emily Dewhirst-Greenwood (1875-1971)

Jane Emily Dewhirst was born in 1875 [1875Q2 Bradford Vol: 9b, Page: 89] and married William Greenwood (c1874-c1951) on 25th March 1902 [1902Q1 Bradford Vol: 9b, Page: 99].
He was described as a Bachelor Clerk aged 27 of 86 Rufford Street, Bradford whose father Jonas Greenwood was formerly a Warp Twister. The witnesses were William Dewhirst and Sarah Ethel Robinson.
She was described as a spinster without profession living at 174 Tennyson Place, Bradford and her father William Dewhirst a Draper.
Jane Emily Dewhirst was always called "Cissie" within the immediate family and was an aunt to my mother. During WW2 she was living in Harrogate and I remember going up there with my mother to stay at her big house. I have a feeling this visit was useful to both parties as it prevented Aunt Cissie from being allocated unknown families to share her house (families were often billeted into large houses) and it provided my mother with a respite from living near London during the air-raids. I do not remember her husband or son but one particular memory sticks in my mind.
The house had an outer and an inner front door and unknown to me the outer door was almost never shut. Being the last out one day I did the "seemingly" correct action of gently closing first the inner and then the outer door. This caused a major problem because the door had a safety lock to which noone was carrying a key so we were locked out. I was about four years old. I also remember open top buses with a spiral staircase which were unknown to me at that age.

In the 1881 census at 174 Tennyson Road Bradford Yorkshire the family was recorded as:

and the other children were staying at 14 Scott Street, Bradford with their grandmother Rachel Ogden. This household comprised:

In the 1891 census at Huntercliffe St. there were recorded:

The 1901 census entry 59 Undercliffe Str. shows:

In the 1911 census[RG14 Piece:26711] at 1063 Leeds Road, Bradford there resided:

Aunt Cissie was a rich woman who lived comfortably all her life. In later life she was a long-term resident in an hotel. She died on 11th November 1971. Her husband William Greenwood (c1874-c1951) had died some years earlier in May 1951.
She had one son

Jane's parents were William Dewhirst (1848-1908) and Emma Jane Ogden-Dewhirst (1853-??).

Jane Dewhirst-Greenwood was my mother's aunt.

Dewhirst family group

Dewhirst family group from L to R
back row: Grandpa Dewhirst
middle row: Arthur Haley Murgatroyd, Alice Emma Dewhirst-Murgatroyd
front row: Grandma Dewhirst, Aunt Cissie, ???