Bridget Driscoll-Rigg (1898-??)

Bridget Driscoll was born about 1898. She married Alfred Henry Rigg (1897Q4-1970Q2) in 1926Q3 Stepney Vol: 1c Page: 532.
and had the following children:

Alice Mary Aylett was born on 24th November 1864 [1864Q4 Romford Vol: ??, Page: ??], in Seven Kings, Ilford.
James Swain married Alice Mary Aylett 1886Q3 at Bethnal Green Vol: 1c, Page: 144
Several 1891 deaths of a James Swain including one of approximately the right age.
No record (yet) found for Dennis Driscoll marrying Alice Aylett-Swain between 1891 and 1897.

In the 1891 census at there are recorded:

In the 1901 census the family is recorded at 9 Wainwright Place, St Geo in the East and the family comprised:

Bridget' parents were Dennis Driscoll (1857-??) and Alice Aylett-Swain-Driscoll (1862-??)).
Alfred Henry's parents were James Rigg (1846-1908) and Amelia Wright-Rigg (1853-1925)

Alfred Henry Rigg was a cousin of my grandfather.