Durrant family plus

Charles Durrant (1903-1944)

Charles Durrant (1903-1944) was born in 1903 in Deptford the son of William Woodley Durrant and Alice Sophia Eliza Smith. He married Alice Kate Easterbrook (1901-1944) in [1924Q4 Greenwich Vol: 1d Page: 1744]. Charles was a policeman and off-duty at home when the entire family was killed during WW2 as a result of a bombing direct hit on their London home in the summer of 1944. Eileen died [1944Q2 Deptford Vol: 1d, Page: 650]. Eileen and her father were killed instantly but Alice lingered and died subsequently of her injuries.

They had one daughter who was my wife's first cousin:

In the 1841 census[HO107/335 Folio: 13, Page: 21] at Gt Coggershall Lexden Essex, there resided:

Henry Durrant(1823-??) married Elizabeth Woodley(c1817-c1875) [1848Q3 Tendring Essex Vol: 12, Page: 397].

In the 1851 census [HO107/1780 Folio: 499, Page: 14] at Uninhabitable East of Elmstead Row, there resided:

In the 1861 census [RG9/1096; Folio: 116; Page: 12] at Heath Elmstead, there resided:

In the 1871 census [RG10/1682; Folio: 125; Page: 18] at Black Horse Cottages Elmstead, there resided:

In the 1881 census[RG11/1786; Folio: 96; Page: 19] at Beach House Cottage Elmstead Essex, there resided:

In 1877 William Woodley Durrant(1852-??) married Martha Roe(1852-??) [1877Q4 St Olave Southwark Vol: 1d, Page: 363]

In the 1881 census [RG11; Piece: 706; Folio: 44; Page: 20] at 8 Arthur Street Deptford, there resided:

In the 1891 census[RG12/1052; Folio 65; Page 6] at Southgate Road Potters Bar Middx, there resided:

William Durrant aged 44 married Alice Sophia Eliza Smith aged 19 on 6th Jun 1897 at St Barnabas, Rotherhithe, Surrey in the Borough of Southwark. The fathers were Henry Durrant and Henry Smith

In the 1901 census [RG13/526 Folio: 149; Page: 35] at 36 Deptford Green Greenwich, there resided:

In the 1911 census [RG14PN2638 RG78PN89 RD28 SD2 ED15 SN277]at 36 Deptford Green, there resided:

The group in the hayfield are from L to R:
back row: Charles Durrant, Eileen Durrant, George Edmond Easterbrook, Phoebe Eliza Smith-Easterbrook.
Alice Kate Easterbrook-Durrant, with James Easterbrook(asleep) and Hilda Saile-Easterbrook in front.

His parents were William Woodley Durrant (1852-??) and Alice Sophia Eliza Smith(1877-??) who were married in 1897.
His grandparents were Henry Durrant (1823-??) and Elizabeth Woodley(c1817-??), Henry Smith and his wife.