Margaret Eileen Durrant

Eileen P A Durrant (1926-1944)

Eileen P A Durrant (1926-1944) was born [1926Q1 Greenwich Vol: 1d, Page: 1341]. Charles was a policeman and off-duty at home when the entire family was killed during WW2 as a result of a bombing direct hit on their London home in the summer of 1944. Eileen died [1944Q2 Deptford Vol: 1d, Page: 650]. Eileen and her father were killed instantly but Alice lingered and died subsequently of her injuries.

Her parents were Charles Durrant (1903-1944), and Alice Kate Easterbrook (1901-1944).

Eileen Durrant was a first cousin to my wife.

Maud Easterbrook Eileen Durrant

Eileen with her aunt Maud Easterbrook and two unidentified servicemen.