Edward Ealy (1847-??)

Edward Ealy (1847-??) was born in 1847 [1847Q1 Greenwich Vol: 5, Page: 213]

In the 1851 census

In the 1861 census

Edward Ealy married Mary Ann Chapman [1868Q4 Sheppey Vol: 2a, Page: 1331].

In the 1871 census [RG10/1132 Vol: 90, Page: 24] at 41 Frederik Street, Portsea are included:

In the 1881 census [RG11/718 Vol: 56, Page: 40] at 42 Queens Street, Greenwich are recorded:

Mary Ann Ealy died aged 34 [1884Q1 Greenwich Vol: 1d, Page: 623]

In he 1891 census

Edward Ealy, a widower aged 48, married Kate Easterbrooke (1853-??) on April 16th 1895 [1895Q2 Greenwich Vol: 1d, Page: 1511] at St Lukes Church. Her stated age was 39. Her father was quoted as Joseph Shannon a Carpenter but not present at the wedding.

In the 1901 census the family was living at 38 Deptford Green and comprised:

In the 1911 census [RG14PN2638 RG78PN89 RD28 SD2 ED15 SN279]at 37 Deptford Green, Deptford, London there resided:

Edward Ealy's father James Ealy (deceased in 1895) had been a Sawyer. Edward Ealy was a witness at his step-son George's marriage in Sept 1900. They had no further children.

Edward Ealy plus step-sons

Edward Ealy seated with L to R behind William Easterbrook(c1881), George Easterbrook(1873), Henry Easterbrook(1880)