George Edmond Easterbrook (1853-1886?)

George Edmond Easterbrook (senior) (1853-1886?) was born in Deptford circa 1853 and a possible birth record is Greenwich 1852Q3 Vol: 1d, Page: 478.
In the 1871 census he was living at 44 Butcher Row Deptford where the family comprised:

He was a bachelor aged 26 when he married Kate Shannon-Easterbrook (1857-??) a spinster aged 22 on 1st November 1879 at St Nicholas Deptford, Kent [1879Q4 Greenwich Vol: 1d, Page: 1318].

They had children including:

She already had a son

George Edmond Easterbrook (1873-1967)

In the 1881 census the couple seem to have been living apart for there is a convincing entry for Geo. Edmund Easterbrook married aged 26 staying at the house of Henry Turton Keeley, wife and family at 7 Fountains Street Lambeth Surrey. His occupation is given as a Boiler Maker.
A possible 1881 census entry for Kate Easterbrook is as a Wet Nurse at 25 Chesham Street Lambeth Middx in the household of Frederick Locker. She is described as: Kate Easterbrook a married servant aged 26 born in Plymouth, Devon.
The son George Easterbrook aged 9 is recorded as a lodger at 45 Butchers Row Deptford in the household of Nathaniel Nottage and family.

He died young - a posible death record is [1886Q3 Lambeth Vol: 1d, Page: 227].

His parents were Harry Easterbrook (1813-before 1879) a Baker, and Jane ???-Easterbrook (1815-??).

Her parents were Joseph Shannon (c1830-??) and Mary Noble?-Shannon (1827-??) who was born in Ireland and a widow by 1891.