Joseph Frank Easterbrook (1907-1986)

Joseph Frank Easterbrook (1907-1986)

Joseph Frank Easterbrook (1907-1986) was born on 28th July 1907 and died in Brook Hospital on 16th September 1986.
He married Hilda Caroline Saile-Easterbrook (1906-1987) on 24th July 1937.

They had one son:

His parents were George Edmond Easterbrook (1873-1967), and Phoebe Eliza Smith-Easterbrook (1877-1957).

J Easterbrook wedding group

Joseph Easterbrook Wedding photo (24th July 1937) from L to R
Very front bridesmaid: ??
Front row: ??, Gladys Maud, Joseph Frank, Hilda Caroline, Louise Alexandra, ??,??
Other identification: George Edmond behind wedding couple,
Kathleen Hayward (carrying baby Marion?) behind Louise Alexandra Ramsey,
Albert Leonard J Ramsey to right of Kathleen Hayward
?Edward Walter? to right of Albert Leonard J Ramsey