Louisa Alexandra Easterbrook (1914-2002)

Louisa Alexandra Easterbrook (1914-2002)

Louisa Alexandra Easterbrook (1914-2002) was born on 7th June 1914 at 37 Deptford Green, Greenwich and died in Crowthorne on September 2nd 2002. Her father is recorded as a Dock Labourer.
She married Albert Leonard James Ramsey (1907-1995) in 1940 [1940Q3 Greenwich Vol: 1d, Page: 2705].

They had the following children:

In the wedding photo below his rather dominant mother demanded to be in the front row; hence the strange arrangement where the groom is in the back row!! She had expressed the view that at the age of 32 he was too young to get married. She married at about 17!!

Her parents were George Edmond Easterbrook (1873-1967), and Phoebe Eliza Smith-Easterbrook (1877-1957). Ramsey wedding group

Ramsey Wedding group (date uncertain) from L to R
Front row: Frederick Sydney Ramsey,Phoebe Eliza Smith-Easterbrook, Ellen Elizabeth Skinner-Ramsey, Louisa Alexandra Easterbrook-Ramsey, George Edmond Easterbrook
Back row: Albert Leonard J Ramsey

Ramsey family with firstborn child secondborn: Margaret in 1953

Ramsey family with firstborn child and, secondborn: Margaret in 1953

young Louisa Alexandra

Louisa Alexandra aged 19