Easterbrook ancestors

More detailed information of the family can be obtained by clicking on the names in the hierarchy shown below. Feedback (corrections, additions, new photos, messages from other possibly related family) is welcomed.

Joseph Shanahan(1830-??)
Mary ??-Shanahan(1826-??)
Harry Easterbrook (1813-before 1879)
Jane ???-Easterbrook(1815-??)
Robert Smith(c1813-??)
Ann ??-Smith(c1815-??)
Harry Clark(??-before 1873)

Kate Shannon-Easterbrook (1857-??)
=(1) George Edmond Easterbrook (1853-1886?)
=(2) Edward Ealy (1847-?1906?)
Walter Smith (1845-??) Alice Clark-Smith (1853-??)

George SHANNON (later Easterbrook) (1873-1967)

Phoebe Eliza Smith-Easterbrook
Children of above parents, spouse(s) and names of their children.

Alice Kate Easterbrook-Durrant

Charles Durrant

Eileen Durrant

Phoebe Evelyn Easterbrook-Luxford

Tom Luxford

Kathleen Dorothy Easterbrook-Hayward

Robert William Hayward
Marion Hayward(1936-??) married David Harding

George William Easterbrook

Ada Beale-Easterbrook

Joseph Frank Easterbrook

Hilda Caroline Saile-Easterbrook
Barry Easterbrook married
Patricia Harper

William Easterbrook

Henry James Easterbrook

Elsie Easterbrook

Louise Alexandra Easterbrook-Ramsey

Albert Leonard James Ramsey
Patricia Ellen Ramsey married Malcolm Rigg
Margaret Eileen Ramsey(1946-1988) married Jose Larrad

Edward Walter Easterbrook

Doris Rose Easterbrook
Heather Easterbrook married Steve Matthews

Robert Easterbrook

Gladys Maud Easterbrook

Charles Easterbrook

Mary Barrat-Easterbrook