Henry Edward Goodyear (c1883-??)

Henry Edward Goodyear (c1883-??) was born in 1883 [1883Q1 Poplar Vol: 1c, Page: 646] and married Rebecca Jane Brown-Goodyear(??) in 1903 [1903Q3 Poplar Vol: 1c, Page: 1010]

Their children included:

In the 1891 census [RG12/316, Folio 99, Page 18] at 7 ?? Terrace St Mary Stratford Le Bow there resided:

In the 1901 census [RG13/341, Folio 31, Page 53] at 116 Armagh Rd Bow there included:

His parents were Stephen Goodyear (c1859-??) [1859Q3 East London Vol: 1c, Page: 23] and Catherine Maria Bricknell-Goodyear(1861-??) [1861Q1 Shoreditch Vol: 1c, Page: 142] who were married in 1877 [1877Q1 Bethnal Green Vil: 1c, Page: 376].

His grandparents were Stephen Goodyear (c1836-??) and Jane Eustace-Goodyear(c1841-??) who were married in 1858 [1858Q4 Poplar Vol: 1c, Page: 1166].