Elisha Haley (1813-1866)

Elisha Haley Undercliff gravestone

Elisha Haley Undercliff gravestone

Elisha Haley was born in Bradford on October 3rd 1813 and married Ann Deighton-Haley (1817-1840) in Bradford Yorkshire on 29 Nov 1837 by whom he had one daughter:

His first wife died in Bradford on 19th February 1840 at the age of 23, three months after the birth of her daughter. Elisha Haley subsequently married Harriet Noble(1816-26/4/1880) on 12 Jan 1841 in Walton in Ainsty, Yorkshire and had another family including.

Elisha and his brother Enoch had a partnership as Iron-founders. In the 1851 trade directory Elisha Haley is listed as an Iron Founder in Bradford. Elisha's son Alfred was educated in Wakefield and started a business in the city as a worsted spinner in 1886 but his address in the early 20th century was given as West Lodge, Malton.

Ironfoundry advert 1883

Ironfoundry advert 1883

In the 1841 census[HO107/1293 Folio: 6, Page: 5] at Bridge Street Bradford there resided:

N.B. Mary Jane Haley (daughter to Elisha) age 1 is not listed with the family.

In the 1851 census [HO107/2308 Vol: 532, Page: 19] at 80 Hargrave St there were resident:

In the 1861 census [RG9/3329 Vol: 128, Page: 42] at Westbrook Place, Bradford, Yorkshire there resided:

Cemetery inscriptions:
Elisha Haley died 7 Oct 1866 aged 53
Harriet (his widow) died 26 April 1880 aged 64
William Henry Haley died 16 May 1906 aged 62
Mary Haley (widow) 2 May 1848- 7 July 1920
William Henry (only son of the above) died 20 Sept 1909 aged 30 - Grey granite on the terrace Undercliffe
In memory of Ann the beloved wife of Elisha Haley of Bradford who departed this life 19 Feb 1840 aged 23.
Here lies a virtuous wife,
On earth was short her time
But now in Heaven with Christ
She shall for ever shine.

Holmefield House was built by Thomas Foljambe in 1833 and was lived in by him until his death in 1851. The house was sold by Foljambe's son in 1863 and after the death of the next owner in 1892 it was let first to a Mr Wigglesworth and then Mr Haley, before being sold again in 1907. We believe that the photo shown below is of Elisha Haley's son and family and is probably taken outside Holmefield House, Wakefield.

Elisha Haley's parents were William Haley (1781-1856) and Jane Hirstwaite-Haley (1782-1867).
He is recorded as an ironfounder. He died in Horton, Bradford on 7th October 1866.

Elisha Haley was my maternal great great grandfather.

Haley family

Elisha Haley's son Alfred Haley, his wife Mary Alexander and their children