Thomas Humphreys (1852-??)

Thomas Humphreys (1852-??)

Thomas Humphreys who was born in Durham Annfield Plain in 1852, married Mary Ann Rigg on 25 December 1872 at St Mary, St George in the East. They had five children:

  • Stephen Thomas (1876-??)
  • Violet Rose (1878-??)
  • Lillian (Lily) (1881-??)
  • Daisy Florence (1884-??)
  • William James (1888-??)
  • In the 1871 census at Collingwood? Street Stepney lived:

    In the 1881 census the family were living at 128 Bromley Street, Middx and the return gives the following residents:

    In the 1891 census no record of the family has been found.

    In the 1901 census the family were living at Oakley Villa, Berkhampstead Rd, Erith and the return gives the following residents:

    From the likeness and position in the photo album, the photos below are probably of two of the daughters: Daisy Florence Humphreys and Lily Humphries-Vernon.

    Thomas' parents were William Humphreys (1825-??) and Elizabeth ??-Humphries (1836-??) whose photographic identity is deduced from the position of un-named photos in the album of Harriet Rigg. These photos are included at the foot of this page.

    Thomas Humphreys was an uncle of my grandfather.

    DaisyFlorenceHumphreys<br>(??) LilyHumphries-Vernon<br>(??) father of Thomas Humphreys<br>(??) mother of Thomas Humphreys<br>(??)