Full Name: RIGG, Malcolm John

Place and Date of Birth: Orpington, Kent, UK 4th July 1940

Nationality: British

Marital status: Married

Academic and Professional qualifications

1959 - 1963: BA (Hons) - University of Cambridge, England, Faculty of Mechanical Sciences

MA Cantab, MBCS, C. Eng.

Professional skills

English: mother tongue fluent (spoken, read, written, comprehension)

French: fluent (spoken, read)

German: basic (spoken)

Computing environment: Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows XP, Solaris on SUNs

ICL mainframes until 1984, IBM mainframes until 1977

Computing Languages: PL/1, APL, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Assembler & JCL (IBM), SFL and SCL (ICL), Prolog, J, some C

Graphics & Statistics: TSP, PackageX, GINO

Web authoring: HTML and Javascript, MS Office

Professional Experience

World Systems (Europe) Ltd.,

Systems Manager, 1998 April 2003

Based in Luxembourg managing PHARE projects (Romania and Lithuania) and responsible for some technical studies as well as managing staff assigned to a variety of studies and projects. Working knowledge of inside operation of Eurostat and tender completion for European Commission projects.

ICL Research & Advanced Technology

Manager, 1996 Feb 98

Managed the Department since August 1996. Our mission is to manage (and participate in) research with academic and other industrial partners and transfer the resultant Technology to ICL Business Units. ICL has developed a partnership with Imperial College London at IC-Parc over many years. One of the successful outcomes of this relationship is the use of ECLiPSe (developed at ECRC in Munich) and now being developed into ECLiPSe-2 to produce applications for blue-chip companies solving complex scheduling and planning problems.

The Department has built up a successful working relationship with the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk and some other Russian academic centres.

Responsible for setting up collaborations with partners (e.g. in Russia), and outsourcing arrangements (Virtual Laboratories) wherein much of the Department's work is done. The integration of non-linear constraints into ECLiPSe and the development of a graphical interface to a PC platform version of ECLiPSe are examples of the results of collaboration. Maintain a particularly close contact with IC-Parc, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Newcastle University, and Cambridge University.


Manager University Technical Projects, 1986 - 1995

Moved to Bracknell to join a research group working on a number of different ESPRIT and DTI projects because my recent 6 years working inside the European Communities offices in Luxembourg and Brussels were considered relevant and valuable. These projects included MULTIWORKS, an ESPRIT project intended to produce a low-cost multimedia workstation, and KCM: the transfer and exploitation of the Knowledge Crunching Machine (KCM) from The European Computer-Industry Research Centre (ECRC) in Munich to six British Universities. The KCM was in its time one of the fastest Logic Inference engines with a peak speed of 800klips (around 1987). The Department also managed the technology transfer from ECRC of technology which became known as DecisionPower in ICL. This Prolog based Constraint Language Programming (CLP) platform permitted very fast prototyping of complex Customer problems and was used successfully by ICL with a number of large customers. CLP research techniques were also used in projects in which time constraints were expressed and also in an attempt to build an integrated Logical Inference System combining several different logic systems. In all this time the Department punched far above its weight by outsourcing research and managing the transfer back into relevant parts of ICL.

ICL Public Administration Business Centre

Studies Manager, 1985 - 1986

The role of the Studies Manager was to investigate and report on promising Technologies which might be of use in future products for the Business Centre. A short study of parallelism resulted in a paper published in the ICL Technical Journal 1987 [1].

ICL Management & Consultancy Services

Management Consultant, 1984 - 1985

Returned to the UK to allow my sons to complete their education in the UK. Worked with a small group on the "Decision Support" project. Gave a course on PackageX to ICL staff, and also to an ICL customer in Ghana.

ICL European Institutions, Luxembourg

Program Consultant, 1978 - 1984

Joined the ICL Project team in Luxembourg in July 1978 assisting the migration of applications from an IBM machine to an ICL mainframe. Stayed on in a support and consultancy role working entirely within the Commission in DG IX from about mid 1979 until March 1984. During that time provided the prime support, gave IT courses (in both English & French), and provided consultancy to DGs in both Luxembourg and Brussels in APL, (C)PL/1, Linear Programming (MPSX), and various statistical and graphics packages.

Some consultancy undertaken subsequently for DG XI on environmental pollution, for the Court of Auditors on Financial Analysis of Intervention, and participation in the early DOSES Eurostat meetings.

ICL Dataskil

Consultant, 1977 1978

Worked for a short while on VME/K at Bracknell in the Design Team, and then joined a small group porting a reduced function PL/I compiler for the ICL 2900 machine, learning SFL and dump-analysis for the ICL mainframe on the job. This compiler was used by the European Institutions Project in Luxembourg.

IBM, Hursley

Project Leader, 1965 - 1977

Senior Programmer in the Product Assurance Laboratory working on hardware (e.g. early 360s), compilers (PL1 Optimising and Checkout). Developed fluency in Cobol, FORTRAN, RPG, assembler and JCL, and also microcode on the 360 mainframe. Later became Project Leader of small teams working on Program Products including Linear Programming (MPSX and MGRW), and a simulation package (SIMPL/1). Used VDM to write the full syntax of SIMPL/1 for automatic testcase production, and a generation programme for large Linear Programming models which was used to test MPSX to its theoretical size limit and as a real job to load new 360 processors to 100% cpu utilisation for several hours.

IBM, London

Customer Engineer, 1963 - 1965

Working as a Customer Engineer in the City of London (Banking District) visiting sites and fixing a variety of client systems. Large 1410s and 7010s were used by large Banking customers and required 24 hour support.



[1] ICL Systems Journal Vol 5, Issue 3, May 1987 "PARAMEDICL: A computer aided medical diagnosis system for parallel architectures"

[2] APL article written for the SIGAPL Vector magazine Vol 8 No 3, published 1992

[3] co-authored article on Constraint Logic Programming published in Russian 1996

Seminars given

APL (Luxembourg & Brussels, 1980 1983) in both French and English.

GINO (Amsterdam 1982)

PackageX (England 1984, and Ghana 1986)