Mary Ann McDonald (1825-1876)

Mary Ann McDonald may have been born in Scotland although the census records describe her as being born in St George in the East, London England. Her father is described at the marriage of his daughter Catherine Sarah McDonald as a "shoemaker" from Banff in Scotland. When they came to London has not yet been identified.

Alexander Gordon is recorded in the England 1851 census as a widower but there is no record of his wife in the 1841 census..
The ages recorded in the 1841 and 1851 census are known to be approximate, and maybe the "where born" is inaccurate too. We have been unable to find any record of the three McDonald children born in London or Scotland.

In the 1841 census [HO 107/716/11 Folio: 41, Page: 3] at Gowers Place, Tower Hamlets in the parish of St Mary Whitechapel are recorded:

the daughter Catherine is probably identified in a household in Cannon Street St Mary Bothaw [HO 107/722/5] which included:
the daughter Mary Ann is probably identified in a household in Nile Cottage Greenwich Kent, in the parish of St Alphage [HO 107/489/5] which included:

In the 1851 census at 34 Church Road, St Geo in the East [HO107/1548/74, Folio: 74; Page: 20], there were recorded:

In the 1861 census entry for 39 John Street, London [RG9/278-153] there were recorded:

In the 1871 census[RG10/535 Folio: 66, Page: 29] at 75 Sheridan Street, St George Tower Hamlets London UK there resided:

Mary Ann died in 1876 [1876Q1 Shoreditch Vol: 1c, Page: 79] aged 51.

Her father was Alexander Gordon McDonald (c1789-1878); her mother has not been identified.