Amelia Metcalfe (1875-1961)

Amelia Elston (nee Metcalfe) (1875-1961)

Amelia Metcalfe was born on 11 July 1875 at 157 Saint Johns Road Hoxton Middx [1875Q3 Shoreditch Vol: 1c, Page: 113] to William Metcalfe, a Muffin Baker and Henrietta Thorpe-Metcalfe.
She died in 1961.

As a spinster age 26 she married John George Elston a widower age 41 (House Painter Journeyman) living at 10 Ben Johnson Road Stepney(the address of her sister Henrietta Rigg) on 4th August 1900, Stepney, London. The witnesses were H Rigg (my great grandmother) and R Jones. The fathers were recorded as William Metcalfe Confectioner and John George Elston Bricklayer.

They had the following 9 surviving children:

In the 1871 census living at 69 Paul Street were:

In the 1881 census

In the 1891(March 31st) census a possible record has been found[RG12/522 Folio: 66, Page: 12] at 157 Algernon Rd Lewisham:

Amelia Metcalfe married John G Elston in 1900Q4.

In the 1901 census[RG13/327 Folio: 148, Page: 37] at 214 Oxford St Mile End Old Town there resided:

Amelia Metcalfe's parents were William R Metcalfe (1811-1899) who was recorded at the birth as a Muffin Baker and his wife Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe (1844-??). They married on 17/5/1864 at St Dunstans, Stepney [Stepney, Vol: 1c, Page: 903].