Henrietta Metcalfe (1865-1947)

Henrietta Metcalfe (1865-1947)

Henrietta Susan Metcalfe was born on 2nd May 1865 at 8 Turnville Street Bethnal Green, and christened on 14th May 1865 at Saint Matthews Bethnal Green London. However, I have a record in the name of Henrietta Rigg which states that she was baptized in May 1865 at Old Church Bethnal Green and later confirmed by the Bishop of London on June 23rd 1895 after which her first Communion took place at St Dunstans, Stepney on July 7th 1895.
The record of her vaccination at the age of 7 months on 16th December 1865 gives her address as 22 Cowper Street, Shoreditch. Middx and her name as Henrietta Susan MEDCALF.
She died aged 82 on 29th January 1947 [Essex S.W. Vol: 5a, Page: 215] at Woodford, where she was living with her son and his wife - my grandfather and grandmother.
I remember her vaguely from visits to Woodford with my parents; she died when I was six years old. I was much later given her photo album.

She was the second wife of Alexander William (senior) Rigg (1854-1925) whom she married on 9th November 1884 at St Peter's, Stepney, London, UK. Her father was recorded as William Metcalfe "Mineral Water Maker" and the marriage was witnessed by R. Metcalfe and H. Rigg (Harriet Rigg, sister to Alexander William Rigg).

They had two sons and two daughters:

  • Alexander William Rigg(1885-1975)
  • Florence Henrietta Rigg-Upton (1887-??)
  • Alfred John Rigg (1889-1955)
  • Clara Louisa(1890-1891)
  • In the 1871 census[RG10/443 Folio: 12, Page: 15] living at 69 Paul Street were:

    In the subsequent census the possible records so far found for the family are perplexing:

  • 1881 census William Metcalf [RG11/1010 Folio: 16, Page: 25] aged 14 a patient employed in cardboard manufacture at St Andrews Convalescent Home in Folkestone, Kent.
  • 1881 census Amelia Metcalf has yet to be discovered.
  • 1881 census Henrietta Metcalfe no record found
  • 1881 census William Metcalfe [RG11/423 Folio: 97, Page: 5] at the Bethnal Green Workhouse resided William Medcalf Mar age 70 Mineral Water Man'f born Middx Bethnal Green
  • 1891 census Henrietta Metcalfe no record found
  • 1891 census William Metcalfe [RG12/305 Vol: 7, Page: 5] at 25 Trinity Almshouses, Mile End Old Town, London there are recorded:
  • In the 1891(March 31st)[RG12/304 Folio: 149, Page: 1] census living at 4 Silver Street, Hasslet, Mile End Old Town, Stepney were:

    The family left for USA/ Canada in 1894 on the SS Lake from Liverpool to find work when the late 19th century recession struck UK, but the situation there was just as bad, and someone in the family (probably the Rigg maiden aunts) sent the fare so they could all come back. On his return Alexander William (senior) became a lithographer.

    In the 1901 census[RG13/318 Folio: 53, Page: 30] at 10 Ben Johnson Road were:

    In the 1911 census[RG14PN1531 RG78PN54 RD20 SD1 ED2 SN115] at 10 Ben Johnson Road, Ratcliff, London there resided:

    Henrietta Metcalfe's parents were William R Metcalfe (1811-1899) who was recorded at the birth as a "Mineral Water Maker" and his wife Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe (1838-??). They married on 17/5/1864 at St Dunstans, Stepney [Stepney, Vol: 1c, Page: 903].

    Henrietta Rigg was my paternal great grandmother.

    Henrietta Metcalfe (1865-1947) 4 generations

    Henrietta as a young girl; c1940 nursing her great grandson (me) with my Granny, parents and grandparents behind.