Alice Emma Dewhirst-Murgatroyd (1873-1949)

Alice Emma Dewhirst-Murgatroyd (1873-1949)

Alice Emma Dewhirst was born on 4th July 1873 in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. She died aged 76 at Welling Kent after a distressing and painful fight against cancer on 5th October 1949. She was interred at Eltham Cemetery in Grave no. 117 plot H. The picture (left) was taken in June 1934.
Alice Emma married Arthur Haley Murgatroyd on 30th March 1893 in Bradford Yorkshire [1893Q1 Bradford Col: 9b, Page: 112]. Although he left her with 10 children, they never divorced. They lived at first in 73 College Road, Norwich where the first six children were all born. Following a fire at the family home while the parents were at the theatre, the family moved to London and thereafter the family home was 28 Wallbutton Road, Brockley, Kent.

Their children were:

In the 1881 census at 174 Tennyson Road Bradford Yorkshire the family was recorded as:

and the other children were staying at 14 Scott Street, Bradford with their grandmother Rachel Ogden. This household comprised:

In the 1891 census at Huntercliffe St. there were recorded:

In the 1901 census [RG13/1846 Folio: 82, Page: 7] at 73 College Road Norwich there resided:

In the 1911 census [RG14PN2654 RG78PN90 RD28 SD3 ED13 SN361] at 28 Wallbutton Road Brockley there resided:

During WW1 Alice Emma used to entertain troops to Sunday tea and it is through this that several of the daughters found husbands.
Arthur Haley went on to have another family in London with more children. Meanwhile the family were supported by the earnings of the elder children and in particular Alma the eldest daughter. Happily Alma found a soulmate when she was almost 90, married and they both continued to live in the Residential Home where they had met.
The older children (specifically Alma and Dorothy) remember the better times before their father left home when money was not a problem - see the family picture of the marriage of the eldest sister Gladys, and the picture of the marriage of Dorothy. The younger children remember more clearly the poverty in which they were brought up - see the picture of two of the younger children with an altogether older looking Mother. The family lived for many years at 28 Wallbutton Road (see last photograph).
Alice Emma's parents were William Dewhirst (1848-1908) and Emma Jane Ogden-Dewhirst (1853-??).

Alice Emma Murgatroyd was my maternal grandmother.

wedding GladysMurgatroyd

Wedding in 1919 of Charles Whitewood and Gladys Murgatroyd (L to R):
Back row:family Nanny, Margery, Maurice, Vivien, Dorothy
Middle row: Arthur Haley, Alma, Charles Whitewood, Gladys, Stephanie, Alice Emma
Front row: Pauline, Barbara, Gerald

wedding DorothyMurgatroyd

Wedding in 1921 of Charles Carr to Dorothy Murgatroyd (L to R):
Mack row: Margery, vicar?, Maurice, Vivien, Alma
Middle row: Arthur Haley, Alice Emma, Stephanie?, Dorothy, Charles Carr, Gladys with baby Arthur, Charles Whitewood
Front row: Gerald, Pauline, Barbara, ?Gladys Dewhirst?

Murgatroyd middle children

Stephanie and Yvonne (L to R)

Murgatroyd later children

Alice Emma, Yvonne and baby Gerald?

73 College Road

73 College Road - the Norwich family home

28 Wallbutton Road

28 Wallbutton Road - the London family home

28 Wallbutton Road

Alice Emma as a young girl