Alma May Murgatroyd (1896-1991)

Alma May Murgatroyd (1896-1991)

Alma May Murgatroyd was born in Norwich in 1896Q3 [Norwich Vol: 4b, Page: 147] and died aged 95 on 9 June 1991. She was a teacher all her life and largely provided the financial security for the Murgatroyd family as the younger children grew up. In particular the closeness in age of Barbara and Gerald meant that Gerald was largely brought up by his sister Alma, while Alice Emma was occupied with her last child Barbara.
Alma moved to Abbeyfields Residential Home in Coventry in later life and there met and married Campbell Reid McLachlan(1896-23/4/1993) on 29 Oct 1983 at St Francis church Coventry.
He had been a soldier in WW1, married with a son and daughter, widowed, and survived Alma by two years.

Her parents were Alice Emma Dewhirst and Arthur Haley Murgatroyd

Alma Murgatroyd was my maternal aunt.

Alma at school

Alma at school (centre in second row)

Murgatroyd group

Front row (L to R): Pauline, Alma, Dorothy, Barbara.
Back row (L to R): Maurice, Gerald, Vivian.

Alma wedding Campbell

Alma & Campbell wedding