Ann Parker-Murgatroyd (1818-1897)

Ann Parker-Murgatroyd (1818-1897)

Ann Parker-Murgatroyd (1818-1897) was born in Idle, Yorkshire on 17th December 1818 and married John Murgatroyd (1817-1878) on 28th December 1840 in Calverley, Yorkshire. They had children:

In the 1851 census at Windhill Crag Idle there resided:

In the 1861 census at Park Lodge, Idle, Yorkshire there are recorded:

In the 1871 census at 108 Briggate, Idle Yorks there resided:

In the 1881 census at 192 Briggate, Idel Yorks there resided:

Neighbours included:
John Haley (age 39) Innkeeper born Shipley, and family at 190 Briggate
Jane Parker Widow age 67 born Idle at 204 Briggate

In the 1891 census at 126 & 128 Briggate Idle Windhillare recorded:

Ann Parker-Murgatroyd died at Shipley on 21st November 1897.
Ann Parker's parents were John Parker (1786-1863) and Martha Jowett-Parker (1787-??).

Teapot passed on from Martha Jowett

Teapot passed on from Martha Jowett to Nanny Parker