Annie and Emily

Ann Deighton Murgatroyd (1867-1943)

The photo of Annie and Emily we think shows Annie on the RIGHT.

Ann Deighton Murgatroyd (1867-1943) was born in 1867 [1867Q2 Bradford, Vol: 9b, Page: 203]. As a spinster (given age of 25) and Dressmaker she married Henry J Hood (1877-1950), a bachelor aged 19 and Grocer Master of Street Houses Carleton, Skipton at the Register Office by Licence on 10th October 1896 [1896Q4 Skipton Vol: 9a, Page: 80]. Her address is also given as Street Houses Carleton. The two fathers are given as James Hood a Police Constable and Henry Albert Murgatroyd an Auctioneer. The witnesses were not of either family.

In the 1871 census at 113 Briggate Idle there are recorded:

In the 1881 census at 192 Briggate Idle Yorks [RG11-4479/10] are recorded:

and at 192A Briggate, Idle, York [RG11-4479/10] are recorded:

In the 1891 census at 126 & 128 Briggate Idle Windhillare recorded:

In the 1901 census [RG13/4029, Folio 29, Page 14] at 7 Aireside Terrace Cononley Skipton are recorded:

In the 1911 census at Palmers venue, Water Lanr, Knaresborough Yorkshire England there resided:

Ann? with an infant

The photo we think shows Annie with a child. She died at 29 Peterborough Terrace, Bradford on 10 Dec 1943 aged 76 [Ann Deighton HOOD formerly MURGATROYD - 1943Q4 Bradford Vol:9b, Page: 193]. She is described as "Wife of Henry James Hood a Master Grocer". The informant was her niece Edith May Woffenden (1903-1985) who was present at the death.

Her parents were Henry Albert Murgatroyd (1844-1918) and Mary Jane Haley-Murgatroyd(1839-1875).