Gladys Muriel Murgatroyd-Whitewood (1894-1946)

Gladys Muriel Murgatroyd-Whitewood (1894-1946)

Gladys Muriel Murgatroyd-Whitewood was born in Norwich on 1st May 1894 [Norwich Vol: 4b Page: 170] the eldest of the Murgatroyd children. She attended a private school in Norwich until the family moved from Norwich to London; and thereafter a school in Wallbutton Road, Brockley.

In WW1 she worked at the Woolwich Arsenal making munitions and such was the shortage of money in the family that she walked each day to and from Brockley to Woolwich a walk of about six miles.

She was the first to marry (see wedding picture below) marrying Charles Whitewood (1887-1975) at St Catherines Church on 26th July 1919 [1919Q3 Greenwich vol: 1d, Page: 2442] and had three children:

The twins were born at 46 Walbutton Road - Jacqueline first. The rest of the Murgatroyd family were living at 28 Wallbutton Road, Brockley so there was a lot of contact between the families. Both houses were rented. The twins youngest aunt (Barbara) would have been only 8 when the twins were born.

Gladys Murgatroyd-Whitewood died aged 52 in 1946 [1946Q4 Camberwell Vol: 5c Page: 276] about three weeks after the death of her father Arthur Haley Murgatroyd. Her brother Gerald tried to report the death of Arthur Haley's first and favourite daughter to her father in Byron Road but was unable to pass on the news as Arthur Haley Murgatroyd had died some three weeks previously.

Gladys' parents were Alice Emma Dewhirst and Arthur Haley Murgatroyd

Gladys Murgatroyd was my maternal aunt.


Wedding in 1919 of Charles Whitewood and Gladys Murgatroyd (L to R):
Back row:The nanny, Margery, Maurice, Vivien, Dorothy
Middle row: Arthur Haley, Alma, Charles Whitewood, Gladys, Stephanie, Alice Emma
Front row: Pauline, Barbara, Gerald

Gladys with twins born in 1924

Gladys with twins Jacqueline & Dennis born in 1924

Gladys complete family

Gladys complete family