HenryAlbert_Mary Jane Haley-Murgatroyd (1839-1875)

Henry Albert Murgatroyd (1844-1918)

Henry Albert Murgatroyd (1844-1918) was born in Windhill, Idle in Yorkshire on 29th February 1844. Henry Albert Murgatroyd was engaged to Ann Bland but they quarrelled (allegedly) because she said he spoke to the Mill folk. HA then met Mary Jane Haley on the rebound at an 1865 garden party. The day after he called on her father. He found he had been at school with her brothers. Ann Bland never married [was this poetic justice?]. Henry Albert married Mary Jane Haley-Murgatroyd (1839-1875) on 2nd May 1866 in Bradford, Yorkshire.

They had four children:

and lived at 6 Spring Bank Shipley. After Mary Jane's death the family removed to Briggate where the children were looked after by their grandmother Nanny Parker.

During his life he was a Grocer, a Tea-dealer and later an Auctioneer.

In the 1851 census[HO107/2312 Folio: 279, Page: 7] at Windhill Crag Idle there resided:

In the 1861 census[RG9/3342 Folio: 15, Page: 24] at Park Lodge Idle there resided:

In the 1871 census[RG10/4502 Folio: 46, Page: 21] at 113 Briggate Idle there are recorded:

In the 1881 census at 192 Briggate Idle Yorks [RG11/4479 Folio: 10, Page: 13] are recorded:

and at 192A Briggate, Idle, York [RG11-4479/10] are recorded:

Also in the 1881 census[RG11/4229 Folio: 10, Page: 14] is a record at 33 & 34 Lower Green, Baildon of:

In the 1891 census[RG12/3653 Folio: 78, Page: 14] at 126 & 128 Briggate Idle Windhill are recorded:

Henry Albert Murgatroyd with second wife?

Henry Albert Murgatroyd with second wife?

Henry Albert married a second time in 1897Q2 [1897Q2 N Bierley Vol: 9b, Page: 322] to Mary Glover-Hudson(1844-??) the widow of John Hudson. Thus when his daughter married her son a few months later, the complicated relationship caused much gossip and Alice Mary and John Hudson subsequently emigrated to Australia.

In the 1901 England Census[RG13/4264 Folio: 84, Page: 42] at Eastthorpe there are recorded:

In the 1911 census [RG14PN26654 Rg78PN1536 RD497 SD7 ED11 SN357] at 82 Charnwood Road Eccleshill there resided:

Henry Albert Murgatroyd died at Eccleshill, West Yorkshire on 18th September 1918.
His parents were John Murgatroyd (1817-1878) and Ann Parker-Murgatroyd (1818-1897).