Margery Irene Murgatroyd-Carr (1899-1947)

Margery Irene Murgatroyd-Carr (1899-1947)

Margery Irene Murgatroyd-Carr was born in Norwich on 28th September 1899 and died aged 48 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary on 25th September 1947. She married Herbert Carr (1899-1992) at St Paul's church Alverthorpe on 15th April 1933 [1933Q2 Wakefield Vol: 9c, Page: 3].

Herbert Carr was born at Back Russell Street, Wakefield on 5th August 1899. He worked for George Cradock's and British Ropes all his life, making wire ropes of all kinds, but especially the large ones required by the Navy, the collieries and the big suspension bridges, such as Tamar Bridge and the Humber Bridge. He invented a technique for repairing cables, such as those used for the coal-mine cage, which did not necessitate stopping mine access and therefore normal mine operation. Thus he visited and worked at many mines in the Wakefield area. He died on 9 Dec 1992.

Margery Irene was a teacher in London and later at Warmsworth. She was also active in the Girls Brigade and at one time received an award from the Duke of York? - see photo below.

In 1947, a party of us including me aged about 7, and Margaret and my father went down a local coal mine to the first level (about 200 metres deep) and saw the underground workings including, as I remember, a very narrow coalface. I imagine that the contacts Herbert Carr had with pit-head managers facilitated this. The visit must have been to the first level of the mine at Barnburgh between Doncaster and Barnsley. I doubt if Health & Safety would permit such a visit nowadays even if the pit were still open.

They had one daughter Margaret.

Margery's parents were Alice Emma Dewhirst and Arthur Haley Murgatroyd

Margery Irene Murgatroyd-Carr was my maternal aunt.

Herbert, Margery & daughter

Herbert, Margery & daughter

Margery Irene Murgatroyd Duke Kent

Margery & Duke of Kent

Margery Irene Murgatroyd Girls Brigade

??, Yvonne, Margery