Maurice Arthur Murgatroyd (1903-1966)

Maurice Arthur Murgatroyd (1903-1966)

Maurice Murgatroyd was born in Norwich [Norwich 1903Q3 Vol: 4b, Page: 178] on 30 July 1903 and died aged 63 on the Isle of Wight on 9 November 1966.

Maurice aged 29 a Bachelor married Maud Victoria Hannah Wright(1906-1990) a Spinster aged 26 on 11 September 1932 [1932Q3 Deptford Vol: 1d, Page: 2090] at St Peters Brockley. The fathers were Arthur Haley Murgatroyd Retired, and Albert Campbell Francis Wright a Brakesman.
The witnesses were Doris J S Shuter and Vivian Gordon Murgatroyd.

During their married life they lived in many parts of the UK. He was talented in drawing and painting. At one time he had his own shoe repairing shop. During WW2 he and his wife lived in |Welling, Kent and he and his brother Vivien were in the Auxiliary Fire Service in the Woolwich service. His wife Maud and his bother Gerald's wife Monica were in the auxiliary fire service/ watch as well as in their everyday jobs.
In later life he moved to Yorkshire and bought a smallholding but subsequently had to give that up due to bad health. Finally they moved south to the Isle of Wight where he lived until he died in 1966.

The funeral took place in November 1966 of Mr Maurice Arthur Murgatroyd, age 63 of 38 James Avenue, Lake IOW, who died at St. Mary's Hospital, Newport on the 9th November 1966. Born at Norwich, he moved to the Isle of Wight from Horton Kirby, Kent about 1964. Before his retirement Mr Murgatroyd, a draper, was formerly first salesman with Messrs Chiesman, of Lewisham. He had been in the London Fire Service for part of the last war, and had helped to fight some of the worst blazes in the dockland area and other parts of the capital during the blitz. After being invalided from the Fire Service he was a Civil Defence ambulance driver and A.R.P. instructor. The service at the Church of the Good Shepherd was conducted by the Rev. J Outram (vicar). The mourners included Mrs Murgatroyd (widow), Miss H. R. Murgatroyd (daughter), Miss A. Murgatroyd (sister), Mr V.G. Murgatroyd (brother), Mr and Mrs C.W. Carr (brother-in-law and sister) , Mrs S Williams (sister), Mr and Mrs C. Harding (brother-in-law and sister), Miss J Whitewood (niece), Mr A. Murgatroyd (nephew), and Mrs E. Bedford. Interment was at Shanklin cemetery. Wreaths included one from his brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs G.H. Murgatroyd of Cambridge, New Zealand, and others from neighbours and other friends. Messrs Downer and White made the arrangements.

His wife Maud Victoria Hannah Wright was born on 11th June 1906 [1906Q3 Lewisham Vol: 1d, Page: 1143] and died on the Isle of Wight on 1 November 1990. She was an extremely talented seamstress when she was a young woman, and worked in one of the Court Dressmaker's salons. She was also good at embroidery and crochet work. After the death of her husband she continued to live on the Isle of Wight with her daughter until 1968 when she and her daughter moved to the mainland. Then in 1987, they both moved back to the IOW, where she died in 1990.

In the 1911 census[RG14 Piece 2690] at 2 Webb Cottages, Hoskins St., East Greenwich SE London there resided:

N.B. The census shows that the parents had been married 7 years and had had three children, two of whom had died.

In the 1911 census [RG14PN2654 RG78PN90 RD28 SD3 ED13 SN361] at 28 Wallbutton Road Brockley there resided:

Her parents were Ellen Shuter-Wright(18/9/1877-9/2/1964), and Albert Francis Canpbell Wright (31/1/1877-10/5/1958)who were married in 1903 in the parish church of Horton Kirby [1903Q2 Dartford Vol: 2a, Page: 1163]. Their fathers were Arthur Wright a Mechanic and John Shuter a Labourer. The witnesses were Thomas William Shuter and Philadelphia Ann Shuter.
His parents were Alice Emma Dewhirst and Arthur Haley Murgatroyd

They had one daughter Hazel Rosemary Murgatroyd (1941-Jun2012) born [1941Q2 Dartford Vol: 2a, Page: 1694].

Maurice Murgatroyd was my maternal uncle.

Maurice wedding Maud Maurice Maurice in 1940 Maurice and Maud Wedding

Above: Wedding group with Vivian on left; Below: brothers: Vivian, Gerald, Maurice; and Boot Repair shop

Vivien_Gerald_Maurice Boot Repairs Maurice family

Family group at seaside