Vivian Murgatroyd (1905-1969)

Vivian Gordon Murgatroyd (1905-1969)

Vivian Gordon Murgatroyd was born in Norwich in 1905Q3 [Norwich Vol:4b Page: 161] and died aged 64 in 1969.
During WW2 he was in the London Fire Service (see below). He married Olive Smith (1921-1977) [1940Q4 Deptford Vol: 1d, Page: 2117] and had three children:

  • Allan
  • Anne
  • Timothy.
  • He worked at the Mount Pleasant sorting office in London for a period of time and also with brother Maurice who was running a removal business. He joined the Axillary Fire service in 1938, but on the outbreak of war in 1939 was called up full time into the fire service as would have been his brother Maurice. He was stationed at Shooters Hill and was at the Blitz on the London Docks. Unlike his brother Maurice he never learnt to drive. Interestingly, he was quite good at art as well as having an arithmetic brain. his son remembers being shown a water painted sheet of paper representing a race course together with hand produced playing cards which he said was a horse racing board game which he had sent to Waddington for their consideration. They returned it all to him with a negative response, but Vivian told his son Allan that within the year they had produced the board game 'Newmarket'. One will never know the real truth behind the story.

    When the family moved to Bognor for personal reasons in late 1943, he joined the Civil Defence Heavy Rescue section. In 1945 he joined the railways (not sure which company as it was before nationalization) ,working at Fratton Goods Yard at Portsmouth until he and his wife separated as a result of which Vivian went to live in Welling with his sister Alma. Vivian then worked in an insurance office in Cannon Street, London until they decided to move to the Isle of Wight in the early sixties and live near brother Maurice.

    When brother Maurice died and sister Dorothy decided to move back to the mainland, sister Alma and Vivian joined her and they bought two bungalows across the road from each other in Pagham. Dorothy then moved to Coventry soon after and Alma and Vivian moved to Felpham. When Vivian died in 1969, Alma moved to Coventry and lived with her sister Dorothy until moving into Abbeyfields Care Home where she met Campbell and after s short time married him. She had lost her fiance in WW1, had never married, and thus married in white just short of her 90th birthday.

    His parents were Alice Emma Dewhirst and Arthur Haley Murgatroyd

    Vivian Murgatroyd was my maternal uncle.

    Vivian Murgatroyd (1905-1969) Vivian & Olive (1905-1969)

    Above photos: Vivian WW2 Firefighter, and Vivian and his wife Olive Smith.

    3brothers with 4 sisters

    Maurice, Gerald, Vivian behind Pauline, Alma, Dorothy, Barbara.