Murgatroyd Ancestors

All eight of my g.g.g.grandparents antecedent to my Murgatroyd grandfather are known as are several preceeding generations. Further information on these is available by clicking on the four links below.

My g.g.g.grandparents
James Murgatroyd (1754-1819) and Sarah Seener-Murgatroyd (c1770-??) John Parker (1786-1863) and Martha Jowett-Parker (1787-??) William Haley (1781-1856) and Jane Hirstwaite-Haley (1782-1867) William Deighton (1796-1836) and Mary Wood-Deighton (1793-1822)
Grand-parents (my g.g.grandparents)
John Murgatroyd
Ann (Nanny) Parker
Elisha Haley (1813-1866) Ann Deighton
Parents (my g.grandparents)

Henry Albert Murgatroyd

Mary Jane Haley
Children of above parents, spouse(s) and links to their children.

Ann Deighton Murgatroyd

Henry J Hood (1877-1950)

Emily Parker Murgatroyd

James Woffenden


Edith May Woffenden (1903-1985)
Alick Woffenden (1905-1994)

Arthur Haley Murgatroyd
(1871-1946 )

Alice Emma Dewhirst-Murgatroyd
Gladys Muriel(1894-1946)
Alma May(1896-1991)
Margery Irene(1899-1947)
Dorothy Vera(1901-1990)
Maurice Arthur(1903-1966)
Vivian Gordon(1905-1969)
Stephanie Olga(1908-1985)
Yvonne (Pauline)(1911-1983)
Gerald Howard(1914-1986)
Barbara Joan(1916-2004)

Florence Alice Hamshaw
Arthur Hamshaw Murgatroyd (1917-1992)
Dennis Sydney Murgatroyd (1920-1985)
Rita Olive Murgatroyd (1923-)
Iris Marguerite Murgatroyd (1925-1998)
Paul John Murgatroyd (1928-2009)

Alice Mary Murgatroyd-Hudson

John (Jack) Hudson


Klondy(1898-??) born in Yorkshire UK
Willie(1900-??) born in Yorkshire UK
Gwendoline(c1903-??) born in Australia
Dorothy(c1906-??) born in Australia