Ramsey ancestors

More detailed information of the family can be obtained by clicking on the names in the hierarchy shown below. Feedback (corrections, additions, new photos, messages from other possibly related family) is welcomed.

Richard Ramsey (c1786-??)
Ann ???-Ramsey(1796-??)
John Edward Dewing (1809-1882)
Mary Everard-Dewing(1813-1888)
William Skinner(1819-??)
Mary ???-Skinner(1820-??)
William Thomas Barnes(??)
Mary E ???-Barnes(1827-??)
George Thomas Ramsey
Sarah Ann Dewing-Ramsey
William Zacharias Skinner
Ellen Barnes

Frederick Sydney Ramsey

Ellen Elizabeth Skinner-Ramsey
Children of above parents, spouse(s) and names of their children.
Alfred James Ramsey(c1895-??) ??? children?
Frederick William Ramsey(1897-??) ??? children?
Amy Florence Ramsey(1893-1894) died aged 7months
Lily Ramsey(1899-1944) ??? children?

Albert Leonard James Ramsey

Louise Alexandra Easterbrook-Ramsey

Walter E J(Jack) (1911-1985)

Marjorie Stubbings-Ramsey(??)