Alexander1854William (1854-1925)

Alexander William Rigg (1854-1925)

Alexander William Rigg was born on 14th June 1854 at 39 John Street, St George, Middlesex London, UK and died 8th January 1925 in London, UK [first quarter 1925, Limehouse, Vol: 1c, Page: 311]. He had a heart attack while waiting to see the doctor and he was identified in the Doctors surgery by my father (his grandson) then aged about 11.
My father was introduced to music and concerts by his grandfather Alexander William and encouraged to play the piano.
Alexander William was married twice. His first marriage on 25th December 1879 at St Johns Walworth, Surrey, UK was to Eliza Rigg (1858-1883) whose parents were Robert Rigg and Caroline Snarr. We have been unable to discover whether Eliza Rigg was in fact a cousin and of what degree. Eliza died some months after the birth of their only daughter Eliza Catherine.

Alexander William (senior) took a long time to get over the untimely death of his first wife. Perhaps this is the reason for the removal of his daughter Eliza at such a young age into the care of her maiden aunts although her age when this happened is unclear. Eliza Catherine Rigg was certainly living with her grandmother in the 1891 census, and with her aunts and uncles in the 1901 census.

Alexander William's second marriage was to Henrietta Metcalfe-Rigg (1865-1947) on 9th November 1884 at St Peter Stepney, London, UK and was life-long. They had three surviving children:

  • Alexander William Rigg(1885-1975)
  • Florence Henrietta Rigg-Upton (1887-??)
  • Alfred John Rigg (1889-1955)
  • Clara (1890-1891)
  • Alexander William and family left for USA/ Canada in 1894 on the SS Lake from Liverpool to find work when the late 19th century recession struck UK, but the situation there was just as bad, and someone in the family (probably the maiden aunts) sent the fare so they could all come back. On his return Alexander William (senior) became a lithographer. By the time his second family were adult, he had mellowed and took an interest in music and concert going with his firstborn son and much later with his grandson Alfred John, my father.

    In the 1861 census[RG9/278 Folio: 153, Page: 22] entry for 39 John Street, London there were recorded:

    In the 1871 census[RG10/535 Folio: 66, Page: 29] 75 Sheridan Street, London there were recorded:

    In the 1881 census[RG11/476 Folio: 43, Page: 26] living at 45 Grosvenor St., Middx were:

    In the 1891(March 31st)[RG12/304 Folio: 149, Page: 1] census living at 4 Silver Street, Hasslet, Mile End Old Town, Stepney were:

    In the 1901 census[RG13/318 Folio: 53, Page: 30] at 10 Ben Johnson Road were:

    In the 1911 census[RG14PN1531 RG78PN54 RD20 SD1 ED2 SN115] at 10 Ben Johnson Road, Ratcliff, London there resided:

    Alexander William (senior)'s parents were James Rigg (1816-1883) who was recorded at the birth as a "Tailor" and his wife Catherine McDonald-Rigg (1827-1899).

    Alexander William Rigg was my paternal great grandfather.

    Alexander1854William (1854-1925)

    Alexander William as a young man