Alfred John Rigg (1889-1955)

Alfred John Rigg (1889-1955)

Alfred John Rigg was born on 30th January 1889 at 40 Silver Street Mile End Old Town, London, UK and died in 1955 from acute bronco pneumonia aggravated by a life of smoking [1955Q2 Essex S.W. Vol: 5a, Page: 233]. He survived only a few months into his retiment having refused to consider earlier retirement than 65. At the time of his death, he and his wife were living at 273 Prospect Road, Woodford.

He enlisted (for the duration of hostilities) at Chatham Royal Naval Dockyard with identity M14487 on 16th August 1915, and his occupation is recorded as a Fitter. He is noted as being 5ft6inches tall, 34.5inch chest, light brown hair, bluish grey eyes, fresh complexion and having two scars: right shin, and left forefinger.
His service record shows that he served on the following ships:
Pembroke II as an Able Seaman from 16 Aug 1915 to 9 Oct 1915
Halcyon as an SRA from 10 Oct 1915 to 3 Feb 1916
Pembroke II from 4 Feb 1916 to 9 Aug 1916
Centaur from 10 Aug 1916 to 8 Jan 1918
Curacoa from 9 Jan 1918
Curacoa from 15 Aug 1918 to 12Mar19 Shore on Demob
On the death certificate of his second son, he is recorded in 1917 as an Engine Room Artificer on Royal Navy HMS Centaur (see main picture). After demobilisation he worked as an engineer, and subsequently became chief engineer at municipal baths in the Whitechapel area of East London until retirement. He lived all his life in London, UK.

In the 1891(March 31st)[RG12/304 Folio: 149, Page: 1] census living at 4 Silver Street, Hasslet, Mile End Old Town, Stepney were:

In the 1901 census[RG13/318 Folio: 53, Page: 30] at 10 Ben Johnson Road were:

In the 1911 census[RG14PN1531 RG78PN54 RD20 SD1 ED2 SN115] at 10 Ben Johnson Road, Ratcliff, London there resided:

He married Harriet Thompson-Rigg (1883-1970) on 11th August 1913 at St Thomas' church Stepney. The fathers were Alexander William Rigg a Printer, and John William Thompson an Engineer Fitter. The witnesses were John William Thompson and Henrietta Rigg (mother of the groom). They had two sons. The firstborn, Alfred John Rigg (1914-2009), was my father, and the second, George Alexander, was born on 30 December 1915 and died exactly two years later of Bronco Pneumonia & Whooping Cough. Alfred John Rigg was always depressed around Christmas and New Year. The loss of this second son at such a young age, was something he felt deeply.

I remember that he used to make an excellent marmalade cake (a sort of sponge cake with a strong flavour of marmalade). He smoked a lot (un-filtered) and rolled his own cigarettes using tobacco from tins. I still have some of the tins he gave me which I used to store items like stamps, cheese labels and scraps of silver paper (eg: from Easter eggs) which was an activity a lot of children after World War II had as a hobby.

Alfred John's parents were Alexander William (senior) Rigg (1854-1925) who was recorded at the birth as a "Journeyman, Lithographic Printer" and Henrietta Metcalfe-Rigg (1865-1947).

Alfred John Rigg was my paternal grandfather.

Alfred John, son Alfed John, and wife Harriet in about 1924

Annual holiday in Felixstowe in 1926

Rigg family group
Back row: Father Alexander William(1854), Alfred John(1889), Uncle Arthur(1868)
Front row: Cousin Catherine Holland(Katie), Aunt Jane(Jennie), Half-sister Eliza Catherine(Lilie)