Alfred John Rigg (1914-2009)

Alfred John Rigg (1914-2009)

Alfred John Rigg was born at 10 Ben Johnson Road, Stepney, London on 14th February 1914.
He married Yvonne (Pauline) Murgatroyd (1911-1983) at St Catherines church on 8th May 1937.
The war years were difficult for most people. He was away in India - for long times incommunicado - and didn't return until after the end of hostilities. Even then he suffered two bouts of malaria before being demobbed from the RAF.
They both entered the teaching profession. Yvonne taught Shorthand and Typing at Evening Classes, and also for a while at Chislehurst & Sidcup County Technical School. John rose through teaching ranks to retire as Deputy Headmaster at Grays Farm Junior School.

They had four children:

His parents were Alfred John Rigg(1889-1955) and Harriet Thompson-Rigg(1883-1970)

Alfred John Rigg is my father.

Raynes Grammar School

Junior School in Stepney - John Rigg is in the front row, second from right.

John wedding to Yvonne

John Rigg 1937 wedding to Yvonne(Pauline) Murgatroyd(L to R)
back row: ?Margaret Green?, Reggie Green, Percy Upton, Constance Upton, Phyllis Upton, ?Frank Upton (senior)?, Florence1887Upton, Frank Upton, Lilie Rigg
front row: Mrs Cooper, Harriet1883Rigg, John1914Rigg, Yvonne1911Murgatroyd, Alfred1889Rigg, Henrietta1865SusanRigg
N.B. Mrs Cooper was a family friend whose daughter Kitty had been courted by John.

Yvonne wedding to John

Yvonne(Pauline) Murgatroyd 1937 wedding to John Rigg(L to R)
back row: Colin held by father Denzil Williams, Stephanie, Dorothy, two Powell sisters(neighbours), Vivian, Maud Wren (godmother to Yvonne), Arthur Whitewood, Marjory
middle row: Dennis on father Charles Whitewood knee, Gladys, John1914Rigg, Yvonne, AliceEmma, Alma
front row: Jacqueline Whitewood, Gordon Carr, Kathleen Carr
N.B. The Powell sisters lived in Wallbutton Road, were family friends and seamstresses and may have made Yvonne's wedding dress.