Eliza Rigg-Rigg (1858-1883)

Eliza Rigg-Rigg (1858-1883)

Eliza Rigg was born in 1858 [1858Q1] and was married to Alexander William Rigg (1854-1925) on 25th December 1879 at St Johns Walworth, Surrey, UK.
We believe Eliza Rigg and Alexander Rigg were first cousins. Anecdotedly there was some opposition in the family to this marriage and this may explain why no member of their family was present at the marriage.
Her parents were Robert Rigg (1819-1881+) and Caroline Snarr-Rigg (1824-1881+). Her parents married on 1 March 1847 at St Georges, Southwark.

In the 1851 census Robert Rigg and Caroline Snarr-Rigg were living at 3 Pitt Street, Southwark and had neighbours (Robert's brother) William Rigg and Louisa Clark-Rigg at 11 Pitt Street.

In the 1861 Census (RG9-330-137) living at 2 Goldsmiths Place, Southwark were:

and in addition there were children:
- John Rigg(1854-1859 who died aged 5 of Diphtheria at 1 Rodney Street
- Mary Ann Rigg born 7 Apr 1861 at 2 Goldsmiths Place

In the 1871 census [RG10/663] at 7 Brook St Lambeth there were recorded:

In the 1881 census living at 45 Grosvenor St., Middx were:

Eliza died on February 23rd 1883 some months after the birth (on 23rd June 1882) of her only daughter Eliza Catherine (Lilie) Rigg (1882-1955) who was brought up subsequently by her maiden aunts rather than by her father - we are not sure why but it may have been from the feeling of "I told you this marriage was ill advised" and guilt assuaged by taking on the young orphan. Eliza Rigg was buried at Bow cemetery (see Death notice below).
Her daughter Lilie is usually pictured with a pet dog. She died at St Mary's Bay, Dymchurch, Kent, UK. I knew "Auntie Lilie" in her old age as a highly opinionated difficult relative overfond of her spoiled dog and not at all fond of children. Lilie eventually inherited from all her maiden aunts and perhaps the uncles too. She received a good education and is believed to have worked sometime as a solicitor's clerk.

Eliza Rigg was the first wife of my great-grandfather.

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