Frederick William Rigg (1894-1981)

Frederick William Rigg (1894-1981)

Frederick William Rigg was born in 1894 and died in 1981 in Shadwell, London. He married Mary Louisa Driscoll-Rigg (1896-1926) and they had one son Frederick William (1920-).
His wife died young during pregnancy, and this may have affected him as thereafter family responsibilities did not seem to weigh heavily upon him.
He started a seven year apprenticeship as a printer but this was interrupted and never completed when he joined the army at the outbreak of WW1. Subsequently, he was a docker and his hobbies included drinking - he had four favourite local pubs where he could often be found - and horses.
He lived at 18 Bermuda St, E1 with his brother James Charles Rigg (1882-1966) and brother's wife Elizabeth (??-1958), and their daughter Amelia Elizabeth (Millie) (1925-1972).
After his brother's death, he was cared for by his niece Millie until her death in 1966, after which he went into a home in the Shadwell area of London.

In the 1901 census the family is recorded at 18 Bermuda Street, Mile End Old Town and the family comprised:

and at 125 Jamaica Street, Mile End Old Town, Stepney [RG13/330]:

In the 1911 census[RG14PN1593 RG78PN56 RD21 SD1 ED22 SN78] at 18 Bermuda St Stepney East, there resided:

Frederick William's parents were James Rigg (1846-1908) and Amelia Wright-Rigg (1853-1925)
Mary Louisa's parents were Dennis Driscoll (1857-??) and Alice Aylett-Swain-Driscoll (1864-??).

Frederick William Rigg was a first cousin of my grandfather.

Mary Louisa Driscoll (1896-1926)

Mary Louisa Driscoll-Rigg