Harriet Rigg (1863-1941)

Harriet Rigg (1863-1941)

Harriet Rigg was born in 1863Q1 in Stepney, London, UK [St George in the East, Vol: 1c, Page: 723] and died in 1941 [1941Q2 Essex S.W. Vol: 4a, Page: 202].
She married John Alfred B (Jack) Phillips in 1891Q3 [Stepney, Vol: 1c, Page: 723] and had three children:

Most of the older pictures in my possession come from the photograph album started by Harriet in 1884 (see the dedication below) and eventually given me by my "cousin" Winifred before she died. Many of the pictures in the album are unidentified and some were sent from family connections (unknown to me) in Melbourne, Australia. The picture shown here is of her nursing a baby (Charles?) and with daughter May standing in front of her father Jack at their home in Wanstead, UK. Jack was a successful businessman importing fine silks and Meissen porcelain. In early married life, they lived in Mornington Road, Leytonstone E11 but moved to Wanstead in Dangan Road towards the end of the 1890s, and very soon after that to 1 Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead. May became a respected Christian medium and Winifred married the Rev'd Rex Eastment when she was in her forties and already an established author.

In the 1871 census entry for 75 Sheridan Street, London [RG10/535] there were recorded:

In the 1881 census entry for 9 Dempsey Street, London RG11/0474 (105) there were recorded:

In the 1891 census entry for 128 Bromley Street, London -RG12/292 (12) there were recorded:

She married John Alfred B (Jack) Phillips in 1891Q3 [Stepney, Vol: 1c, Page: 723]

In the 1901 census [RG13/1608 Folio: 60; Page: 6] at 15 Dangon Rd. Wanstead there lived:

In the 1911 census[RG14PN9602 RG78PN511 RD188 SD7 ED6 SN241] at 1 Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead there resided:

Her parents were James Rigg (1816-1887) who was recorded at the birth as a "Tailor" and Catherine McDonald (1827-1899).

Harriet Rigg was my grandfather's aunt.

Photo album dedication