Lilie Rigg (1882-1959)

Eliza Catherine (Lilie) Rigg (1882-1959)

Eliza Catherine Rigg, known always as "Lilie" was born on 23rd June 1882 [1882Q3 Mile End Vol: 1c, Page: 475] and never married. She was brought up by her maiden aunts after her mother died a few months after Lilie was born. Her father Alexander William Rigg (1854-1925) remarried in 1884 and this may have precipitated the "adoption" of Lilie by her aunts. The relationship of Lilie's mother Eliza Rigg (1858 - March 1883) to the family is uncertain but she may have been a first cousin to them all.

In the 1891 census entry for 128 Bromley Street, London -RG12/292 (12) there were recorded:

In the 1901 census at 55 Malvern Road Leyton Essex there were recoded:

and at 53 Malvern Road Leyton Essex there resided:

In the 1911 census[RG14PN9632 RG78PN512 RD188 SD8 ED27 SN183] at 53 Malvern Road Leytonstone East, there resided:

Lilie eventually inherited from all her maiden aunts and perhaps the uncles too. She received a good education and is believed to have worked sometime as a Solicitor's Clerk and she is described as a "Solicitor's Clerk retired Spinster" on her death certificate. She ended her days at Greengables, Dunstall Close, St Mary in the Marsh, New Romney living (somewhat untidily) with her pet much spoiled dog. She died alone, except for her pet dog, on 11th February 1959 [1959Q1 Folkestone Vol: 5b, Page: 804] almost penniless. The dog living in some squalor was immediately put down. The informant was not known to the family and is recorded as: "J G Hayes Causing the body to be cremated Rose Cottage, ?Awe? End Street, Eynsham, Beds. Her age at death was given as 74; she was actually 76. I remember her as a very opinionated lonely old lady whom my father and I used to visit when I was a young teenager. She is included in a photo of the aunts and uncles of my grandfather Alfred John (senior) Rigg (1889-1957).

Lilie Rigg was a half-sister of my grandfather.

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