Robert Rigg (1818-1891+)

Robert Rigg was born on 8 April 1818 and christened with his brother Henry on 20 Aug 1826 at ???. His father was recorded as a Labourer living at Gt Suffolk Street. As a bachelor aged 27 he married Caroline Snarr (c1823-1881+) a spinster aged 24 at St George the Martyr, Southwark on 1 March 1847 [St Georges, Southwark, 1847Q1 Vol 4, Page 366]. At the time of the marriage their address was given as Adams Place. The witnesses were not family of either bride or groom.
His parents were John Rigg (senior)(c1768?-??), a hairdresser, and Mary Jacob. Her father was William Snarr, also a hairdresser, and his (so far) unidentified wife.

They had children (Birth Index from BMD is included - not confirmed correct) including:

In the 1851 Census[HO107/1563 Folio: 488, Page: 2] (St George the Martyr Pt 1) living at 3 Pitt Street, Southwark

They had neighbours at 11 Pitt Street Southwark[HO107/1563 Folio: 490, Page: 7] N.B. This is incorrectly indexed as "Bigg"
We believe William Rigg to have been a brother to James Rigg(1816-1883) and both of them sons of John Rigg(1763-1820?)?

In the 1861 Census[RG9/330 Folio: 137, Page: 13] living at 2 Goldsmiths Place, Southwark,

and in addition there was:
  • John Rigg(1854-1859) who died aged 5 of Diphtheria at 1 Rodney Street
  • In the 1871 census [RG10/663 Folio: 35, Page: 26] at 7 Brook St Lambeth there were recorded:

    In the 1881 census[RG11/554 Folio: 5, Page: 4] living at 11 Deacon St Newington, Surrey were:

    In the 1891 census[RG12/352 Folio: 69, Page: 6] at Hughes Place, 6 Newington Causeway, West Newington, London.

    In 1892 two records have been found which may be of the death of the couple:
    Robert Rigg born 1819 died aged 73 1892Q1 at St Saviour Vol: 1d, Page: 55
    Caroline Rigg born 1824 died aged 66 1892Q1 at St Saviour Vol: 1d, Page: 63

    Robert Rigg was the uncle and father-in-law of my great-grandfather.