William Rigg (c1808-1877)

William Rigg was born circa 1808 and married Louisa Clark(c1815-1878) in the church of St Mary Newington Surrey on 26th December 1837. Her address was 20 Manor Place, Walworth. His address was 39 Bear Lane, Gravel Lane. The fathers John Rigg and William Clark were both deceased.
William Rigg died in 1877 in Australia. Louisa died in 1878 in Victoria Australia.

They had children including:

In the 1841 census [HO 107/1085/6] at John Street Southwark St George there are recorded:

On the 25th Sept 1842 Thomas Newham Rigg was born to William Rigg and Louisa Rigg (nee Clark) at 7 John Street. William Rigg is recorded as a shoemaker. Thomas died [1851Q2 St Geo Southwark Vol: 4, Page: 311].
On the 26th July 1851 at 11 Pitt Street Southwark Surrey, the death is recorded of John Rigg aged 6 [1851Q3 St Geo Southwark Vol: 4, Page: 37], whose father William Rigg was present at the death.

In the 1851 Census [HO 107/1563] living at 11 Pitt Street Southwark is the surname Rigg, heavily overwritten on the original entry and transcribed by ancestry.com as "Bigg" but birth, death and marriage certificates make us believe the surname was Rigg.

We believe William Rigg was a brother to James Rigg (1816-1883) and both of them sons of John Rigg (senior)(1768?-??).

We presume that the family emigrated to Australia together in 1854 but an application for assisted passage, and the passenger list has not yet been found to confirm this.
Robert Edward Rigg(1847-1924) arrived in Victoria Australia on the Barrackmore in 1854. He married Sarah Ann Webster(??) in 1870 who was born in London. He died in Ewick Australia aged 77 in 1924.
They had the following children:

In the subsequent UK census nothing has yet been found of the family.

Louisa Clarke was born in Buckinghamshire, her parents were William Clark(??) and Mary Summerfield(??) who were married on 16th October 1814 at High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, UK.
William was the elder brother of James Rigg (1816-1883) and their parents were John Rigg (1768-??), and his second wife Mary (née Jacob) (dates unknown).