Rigg ancestors

All four of my g.g.g.grandparents antecedent to my Rigg g.grandfather are named below. The four g.g.g.grandparents antecedent to my g.grandmother are included on the webpage Henrietta Metcalfe (1865-1947). Further information on these and preceeding generations is available by clicking on the links below and on my g.grandmother's webpage.

Grand-parents (my g.g.g.grandparents)
John Rigg
=(1)Mary Davies
=(2)Mary Jacob
Alexander Gordon McDonald
Barbara Craig

James Rigg

Catherine Sarah McDonald-Rigg
Children of above parents, spouse(s) and links to their children.

James Rigg

Amelia Wright-Rigg
Amelia Catherine (Kate) (1876Q1-1935)
John James(1877Q2-1949)
Thomas Alexander(1879Q2-1967)
James Charles(1882Q3-1966)
Jane Eliza(1884Q4-1975)
Arthur George(1887Q1-1915)
Sarah Florence Rigg-Boggas (1889Q2-??)
Frederic William(1894-1981)
Alfred Henry(1897Q4-1970Q2)

Catherine (Kate) Rigg

Mary Ann Rigg
(1850-?? )

Thomas Humphreys
Stephen Thomas Humphreys(1876-??)
Violet Rose Humphreys-Vernon(1879-??)
Lily Humphries-Vernon(1881-??)
Daisy Florence Humphreys(1884-??)
William James Humphreys(1888-??)

Emma Rigg

Alexander William Rigg

First wife:
Eliza Rigg-Rigg
Eliza (Lilie)(1882-1959)

Second wife:
Henrietta Metcalfe-Rigg
Alexander William(1885-1975)
Florence Henrietta Rigg-Upton(1887Q1-??)
Alfred John(1889Q1-1955)
Clara Louise (1890-1891)

Jane Rigg

Eliza Rigg-Holland

William Holland
Catherine Holland(1888-??)
William J Holland(1891-before1901)

Harriet Rigg-Phillips

Jack AB Phillips
May CatherinePhillips(1892-1984)
Charles Byford Phillips(1896-1962)
Winifred Violet Phillips-Eastment(1899-1994)

John Henry Rigg

Alice Kempton-Rigg
Rebecca Alice Rigg (1897-??)

Arthur Thomas Rigg