Doris Winifred Rose-Easterbrook (??-1964)

Doris Winifred Rose (1926-1964)

Doris Winifred Rose was born in 1926[1926Q2 Camberwell Vol: 1d, Page: 1260] and married Edward Walter Easterbrook (1915-1978) on 21st January 1956[1956Q1 Deptford Vol: 5c, Page: 1091]. She died tragically young aged 38 at Mayday Hospital of leukaemia on 5th April 1964[1964June Croydon Vol: 5g, Page: 83].

They had one daughter:

His parents were George Edmond Easterbrook (1873-1967), and Phoebe Eliza Smith-Easterbrook (1877-1957).

Her parents were Albert Rose (1898-1978) and Florence Ellen Baker (1899-??) who were married in 1925 [1925Q2 Camberwell Vol;: 1d, Page: 1564]. They appear either side of the bridesmaid seen to the right of the bride in the wedding photo.

Edward Walter Easterbrook (1915-1978)

Edward Walter Easterbrook marriage to Doris Rose - small group from L to R
George Edmond, George William, bridesmaid?, Edward Walter, Doris Rose, Albert Rose, bridesmaid?, Florence Rose

Edward Walter Easterbrook (1915-1978)

1956 wedding of Edward Walter Easterbrook and Doris Rose.
Margaret Ramsey - second from R
Marion & Maud with Barry in front between Ada on L and Hilda on R - below Public Notices,
Joe behind Hilda.
George between and behind bridesmaid and groom.
Jim behind bride,
Pat behind Florence Rose,
Kathleen Dorothy at extreme back.