Annie Ross-Gevaux-Thompson (1860-1935)

Annie Ross-Gevaux-Thompson (1859-1935)

Annie Ross was born at 2 White Horse Lane, Mile End Old Town on 8th October 1859 [1959Q4 Mile End Old Town Vol: 1c, Page: 568] and died aged 76 on 15/10/1935, Bancroft Lodge, Bancroft Rd, Stepney [1935Q1 Camberwell Vol: 1d, Page: 715]. The informant was her son Robert Charles Gevaux.

In the 1861 census [RG9/296 Folio: 99, Page: 25] at Mile End Old Town there resided:

In the 1871 census [RG10/550 Folio: 50, Page: 4] at St Anne Limehouse there resided:

In the 1881 census [RG11/485 Folio: 93, Page: 15] at 2 Bow Common Lane, Mile End Old Town there resided:

She married Joseph Gevaux (c1851-??) at St Peter Stepney on 30th July 1881 [1881Q3 Mile End Vol:1c Page:869]. The fathers were Joseph Gevaux a Floor Cloth Manufacturer and Benjamin Ross a Stove Range maker. The witnesses were Francis Gevaux and Susannah Ross. Joseph Alfred Gevaux was a widower and had a son Joseph A. [1873Q4 Mile End Old Town Vol: 1c, Page: 533] from a previous marriage [1872Q1 Bethnal Green Vol:1c, Page: 553].

They had children including:

In the 1891 census [RG12/323 Folio: 41, Page: 19] at 97 Bow Common Lane there resided:

Joseph Gevaux died in 1893Q2 [Camberwell Vol: 1d, Page: 521]. Annie Gevaux, a widow aged 38, married in Stepney on 14th May 1899 John William Thompson (himself a widower). They had one daughter Charlotte(Lottie) Thompson (1900?-??)
Lottie later taught my Father the piano and they sometimes played the piano together. She would have been his aunt

In the 1901 census[RG13/318; Folio: 141; Page: 11] the following are recorded at 1 Stepney Causeway, London:

Annie Ross-Gevaux-Thompson (1860-1935)

Ann Ross' parents were Benjamin Ross (1832-??) and Ann Mason(1835-??) who were married in 1857 [1857Q1 Stepney Vol: 1c, Page: 774]. The parents of Joseph Gevaux(c1851-??) were Joseph Gevaux(1824-1893) and Eliza Playdell-Gevaux(1827-1898) who were married in 1847 [1847Q4 Bethnal Green Vol: 2, Page: 6].

Annie Ross-Gevaux-Thompson was my grandmother's step-mother.