James Swain (1862-1893)

James Swain was born in 1862. As a bachelor Cork Cutter aged 24 residing at 12 St Mary St. on 22nd August 1886 [1886Q3 Bethnal Green Vol: 1c, Page: 144] he married Alice Aylett (1864-1920) a spinster Machinist aged 23 residing at 12 St Mary St., Kingsland Rd. His father was given as Edwin Swain a Labourer, and her father as John Aylett a Carman. The witnesses were Joseph Thornton (believed to have maried Alice's sister Sophia) and Harriet Swain (1870-??) who was James' younger sister.

They had the following children:

In the 1881 census [RG11/0427/66/46] at 65 Canrobert St., LOndon are recorded:

In the 1891 census at there are recorded:

James Swain died on 22 Nov 1893 and about ten months later, infant James Oscar Swain died, 25/Sept/1894. Subsequently Alice remarried (probably in late 1894).

In the 1901 census [RG13/315] the family is recorded at 9 Wainwright Place, St Geo in the East and the family comprised:

James Swain's parents were Edwin Swain (??) and Mary Ann Wright who were married on 30/10/1848.
Alice Aylett's parents were John Aylett (1833-??) and Maria Barker (1834-??)