Rachel Swain-Bush (1891-??)

Rachel Swain was born in 1891 in Shoreditch, London. She married James (registered as Japheth) Bush (1892-??) on 4/4/1915 at St George in the East, London. The witnesses were Alice and Thomas O'Leary. Alice was formerly Alice Mary Ann Swain. They had two daughters:

In the 1901 census [RG13/315] the family is recorded at 9 Wainwright Place, St Geo in the East and the family comprised:

In the 1901 census [RG11/0459/55/5] at 10 Gt Hermitage St. are recorded the parents and siblings of James(Japheth) Bush:

Rachel Swain's parents were James Swain (1862-1893) and Alice Aylett-Swain-Driscoll (1864-1920)
James Bush's parents were George Bush (1854-??) and Esther Taylor-Bush (1854-??)