Alfred (Thomas) Thompson (1886-1955+)

Alfred (Thomas) Thompson (1886-1955+)

Alfred (Thomas) Thompson was born about 1886 in Stepney [1887Q1 Stepney Vol: 1c, Page: 435]. As a bachelor aged 29 he married Lily May Sandy-Thompson (1894-1923) aged 22 at St James Ratcliff, Middlesex England on 30 July 1916. Their fathers were given as John William Thompson and Thomas Samuel Sandy.

They had a daughter called Kathleen Mary Ann Thompson (1917-19??) [1917Q3 Stepney Vol: 1e, Page: 355] - mother "Sandy".
Kathleen (Kitty) married and had children including Jill and Linda.

His wife Lily Thompson died young [1923Q1 Hackney Vol: 1b, Page: 490] after which Kitty then aged about 5, was placed in care. When Alfred remarried, Kitty returned to live with her father and step-mother.

I remember once going to Shadwell in about 1955 with my grandmother (his sister) but she would not allow my father or me to see where and in what condition he was living.

Alfred Thompson's parents were John William Thompson (1852-??) and his wife Margaret Eleanor Allcock (1850-1898).

In the 1891 census [RG12/293; Folio 94; Page 2] at 15 Collingwood Street Ratcliff, London, the family comprised:

The 1901 census [RG13/318; Folio: 141; Page: 11] at 1 Stepney Causeway, Ratcliff Stepney shows

In the 1911 census at 9 York Square Stepney there are recorded:

Margaret Eleanor Allcock-Thompson was born in 1850. The place of birth given in the 1881 and 1891 census is Woolwich Kent. She died aged 48 in Stepney [Stepney, Vol: 1c, Page: 313] in 1898.

John William Thompson and Margaret Eleanor Allcock were married on 21/12/1873 at St Philip the Apostle, Stepney [Mile End, Vol: 1c, Page: 1114].

Alfred Thompson was my grandmother's younger brother.