John William Thompson (1852-??)

Annie Coombs-Thompson

Annie Coombs-Thompson married George Thompson (1876-??) in 1907 [1907Q2 Stepney Vol: 1c, Page: 480]. They had a son George who was a timber merchant and became the wealthiest of the Thompsons.

Annie Thompson was my grandmother's sister-in-law, and my Father's aunt.

John William Thompson

The wedding photo contains the following people whose relationship is given relative to Harriet Thompson (from left to right)
Behind back row: brother? of Annie's sister's husband
Back row: brother: Alfred Thompson, Annie's brother, father: John William Thompson, stepmother: Annie Thompson, Annie's father, Annie's sister's husband, Annie's mother
Seated row: Harriet Thompson, brother: George Thompson, bride: Annie, sister: Margaret Thompson, Annie's sister, Annie's neice, half-sister: Lottie Thompson
Foreground: dog, two unknown children

Annie Thompson (??)

Aunt Annie with me on her lap in 1941.