John William Thompson (1852-1926)

John William Thompson (1852-1926)

John William Thompson was born on 29 September 1852 and baptised on 22 Oct 1852 to John William(Coal Whipper) & Harriet Thompson at St Dunstan & All Saints living at Clare Hall Gardens, Stepney [Stepney 1852Q3 Vol: 1c, Page: 458]. [source: London, England Births & Baptisms 1813-1906, St Dunstan & All Saints] at which time his father was described as a "Coal lolupper". His birth certificate decribes his mother as Harriett Thompson, formerly Barber.

His siblings included:

John William Thompson was an Engine Fitter at the biscuit firm of Drews, retired early and was considered to be financially comfortably provided for.
His first marriage was to Margaret Eleanor Allcock-Thompson (1851-1898), aged 22, on 21st December 1873. The wedding certificate states that his father was John William Thompson and was a "Carman" by profession, but deceased. Her father is stated to be George Allcock a "Tanner" also deceased.

They had the following children:

In the 1851 census the family was not living at 2 Clare Hall Gardens, Stepney [H107/1552, 863-867]. The family were there in 1852 when John William was born.

In the 1851 census [HO107/1553] at 29 Lomas Buildings Mile End Old Town there are recorded:

In the 1861 census [RG9/284; Folio: 7; Page: 8] at 2 Barnham? Place, Tower Hamlets, Stepney there resided:

In the 1871 census [RG10/267; Folio: 22; Page: 38] a possible entry appears for the son at Islington, but nothing for his parents:

In the 1881 census [RG11/464; Folio: 81; Page: 1] at 28 Collingwood Street Middx, the family comprised:

In the 1891 census [RG12/293; Folio 94; Page 2] at 15 Collingwood Street Ratcliff, London, the family comprised:

Margaret Eleanor died in 1898. His second marriage was to a widow Annie Gevaux (1861-1935) aged 38 on 14th May 1899 and they had one daughter Charlotte(Lottie) Thompson (1900-1930)
Annie Gevaux (nee Ross) had two sons by her previous marriage: Benjamin Gevaux (1886-??) and Robert Gevaux (1892-??) and a daughter Susannah(1888-??) who does not appear with the Thompson family in the 1901 census. N.B. My father remembers an "Aunt Sue (living in Stepney) and an Uncle Ben, who would have been two of the three Gevaux children.

The 1901 census [RG13/318; Folio: 141; Page: 11] at 1 Stepney Causeway, Ratcliff Stepney shows

In the 1911 census at 9 York Square Stepney there are recorded:

John William Thompson died in 1926 aged 74 just before the marriage of his daughter Lottie. The record index is [1926Q4 Stepney Vol: 1c, Page: 366].

John William Thompson's parents were John William Thompson (1815-before1873) and Harriot Barber-Thompson (1813-1881+) who probably married between 1836-1849.

John William Thompson was my paternal maternal great-grandfather.