Kathleen Mary Ann Thompson (1917-1996)

Kitty Thompson marriage

Wedding photo of Kitty Thompson and "Clem" Rowlings.

Kathleen Mary Ann Thompson was born on 23rd July 1917 [1917Q3 Stepney Vol: 1e, Page: 355].

Kathleen Mary Thompson aged 27 married Wilfred Clement Rollings aged 23 at St Georges Kidderminster on 30th April 1945 after Banns. Their fathers were Alfred Horace Rollings an Electric Fitter, and Alfred Thomas Thompson a Maintenance Engineer. Of three witnesses, one was G W Rollings.

They had children including Linda and Jill.

Her mother Lily Thompson died young [1923Q1 Hackney Vol: 1b, Page: 490] after which Kitty then aged about 5, was placed in care. When Alfred remarried, Kitty returned to live with her father and step-mother.

Kathleen Mary Ann Thompson (1917-1996)

Kathleen (Kitty) Thompson's parents were Alfred (Thomas)Thompson (1886-1955+) and Lily May Sandy-Thompson (1894-1923)

She died on 12th November 1996 in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Edgbaston, Birmingham England. She was recorded as a "Tailoress" retired of 16 Charles Street Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England. The informant was her son-in-law Barrie Robert Francis Bullock.

Kathleen (Kitty) Thompson was my father's first cousin.