Margaret Eleanor Allcock-Thompson (c1851-1898)

Margaret Eleanor Allcock-Thompson was born circa 1850. The place of birth given in the 1881 and 1891 census is Woolwich Kent.

As a spinster aged 22 she married John William Thompson a bachelor aged 21 in Stepney on 21st December 1873. Her father is described on the wedding certificate as George Allcock "Tanner" deceased. His father is described as John William Thompson "Carman" deceased. They had five children:

  • J. William Thompson (1875-??)
  • George Thompson (1876-??)
  • Margaret Thompson (1878-??)
  • Harriet Thompson (1883-1970) my grandmother
  • Alfred Thompson (1886-??)
  • In the 1871 census no record has been found of Margaret Eleanor Allcock born in Woolwich Kent circa 1850, whose father was George Allcock "Tanner" deceased in 1873 when she married.

    In the 1881 census at 28 Collingwood Street Middx, the family comprised:

    In the 1891 census at 15 Collingwood Street Ratcliff, London, the family comprised:

    She died aged 48 at Stepney [1898Q1 Stepney, Vol: 1c, Page: 313] when my grandmother, Harriet Thompson, already at work since the age of 12, was only 15.

    Margaret Eleanor Allcock-Thompson was my great grandmother.