Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe (1838-??)

Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe (1838-??) was born on 27th November 1838 and baptised on 21 January 1844 at Saint Dunstans Stepney with parents Charles Thorpe and Mary [IGI C055763 (1833-1848)]. The birth date was not specified, and was indeed earlier. Confirmed birth record of Henrietta Louisa Thorpe is [1838Q4 Bethnal Green Vol: 2, Page: 40] born 27th November 1838 at 12 Colingwood Place St Matthew Bethnal Green to Charles Thorpe and Mary Green-Thorpe.

Charles Thorpe(1808-1892) married Mary Ann Green(1810-1875) at St Luke Finsbury Old Street on 29 July 1829. It is believed that they had children including:

Her family emigrated from UK to South Australia on 14th December 1840 aboard Fairfield - leaving Henrietta Louisa Thorpe behind!

In the 1841 census [HO107/692 Folio: 32, Page: 23] at Collingwood Terrace Bethnal Green resided:

In the 1851 census[HO107/1503 Folio: 298, Page: 50] at 6 Grove terrace Hackney there resided:

In the 1861 census[RG9/401 Folio: 51, Page: 8] at 6 Trafalgar Rd, Greenwich there are recorded:

She was the second wife of William Richard Metcalfe (1811-1899) whom she married on 17th May 1864 in Stepney Parish church, London, UK. He was a widower and "Baker" aged 52, and she was a spinster claiming to be aged 24. The marriage witnesses were Thomas Gunton & Mary Ann Gunton. Her address was given as 22 Jubilee Street, and his as 7 Garden Street. Her father was given as Charles Thorpe "Carpenter", and his as Robert Metcalfe "Baker".

They had children including:

Their daughter Henrietta Susan Metcalfe was successfully vaccinated at the age of 7 months on 16th December 1865 with her address given as 22 Cowper Street, Shoreditch, Middx - I have the certificate.

In the 1871 census[RG10/443 Folio: 12, Page 15] living at 69 Paul Street were:

In the subsequent census the possible records so far found for the family are perplexing:

  • 1881 census William Metcalf [RG11/1010 Folio: 16, Page: 25] aged 14 a patient employed in cardboard manufacture at St Andrews Convalescent Home in Folkestone, Kent.
  • 1881 census Amelia Metcalf has yet to be discovered.
  • 1881 census Henrietta Metcalfe nothing found yet.
  • 1881 census William Metcalfe [RG11/423 Folio: 97, Page: 5] at the Bethnal Green Workhouse resided William Medcalf Mar age 70 Mineral Water Man'f born Middx Bethnal Green
  • 1891 census Henrietta Metcalfe nothing found yet.
  • 1891 census William Metcalfe [RG12/305 Vol: 7, Page: 5] at 25 Trinity Almshouses, Mile End Old Town, London there are recorded:
  • Her parents were Charles Thorpe (1808-1892) and Mary Ann Green(1810-1875).

    Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe was my great great grandmother.